Sea, Soft, Sun (3S) Party

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02-04.09  Sea, Soft, Sun (3S) Party.
3S was held in Saint-Esteve, near Perpignan in France by Solaris and
Dreamdealers, and this was the first time it was arranged. About 200 people
attended. The 64k intro competition was held mixed between the amiga and pc,
likely the first time in history that occured. A second 3S party was held
two years later, in the summer of 1996.
  In addition to the results below, a 20k music competition was also held,
of which no results are sadly known yet. Some confusion appears to exist
about which of the two Oxygene demos actually won, and which came third...
Thanks to 3case for some information.

· Results from 'Results from the 3S Party I'.

amdemo  1.  Oxygene "Another Dream Now".
        2.  Dreamdealers "Imagine".
        3.  Oxygene "Happy Birthday Lester".
        xx. Ivory "Memorys".
        xx. Karakatoes "New Demo".
        xx. Movement & Melon Dezign "Blue Lagon".
        xx. Pastagana Design "The Merdtro".

64k     1.  Bomb "Casual" (amiga).
        2.  Eclipse "Wavy" (pc).
        3.  Silicon "CLS" (amiga).

pcdemo  xx. Straight Line Connection "Friends Will Be Friends".

gfx     1.  Djiby/Nova.
        2.  Slaine/Ivory.
        3.  Zone/HMD+PSK.

music   1.  Doh/Cryptoburners "Paper Bird".
        2.  Blue Silence/Nova "Panier de Mazout".
        3.  Memorys/Ivory "De La Soul is Alive".
        4.  Mushies and Soundy "Pulchers".
        5.  Red Ribbon "Ultimate Zoodancers".
        6.  Gandbox "Party Show".
        7.  Gryzor "GryFunk is Back".
        8.  Absys "Yodel Waltz".
        9.  Shout "Rasta_TaplaSSS".

other   DRD-SNY-CRB "The Tooth-Brush Part I" (amiga demo).