Shape & TRC Party

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12-15.10  Shape & TRC Party.
Held at a large sports hall in Porsgrunn, Norway by Shape (c64) and The
Ruling Company (TRC, amiga). As usual in the old days, there were some
power problems. Entrance was 75 NKR. There were over 15 releases from 11
different amiga groups. Complete results would be great, if ANYONE knows!

· Information and c64 results from report in Censor's "Fatal News #2" (c64).

amdemo  1.  No Limits "Vector Ball".
        2.  The Powerlords "Bob Demo".
        3.  Attitude "Demo".
        4.  IT "Molecules".
        xx. No Limits "Spotlight".

64demo  1.  Censor Design "Boozer".
        2.  Shape "Phoenix".
        3.  Contex "High Pr."
        4.  Hoaxers.