Society Summer Party '91

From ExoticA
07-09.06  Society Summer Party 91.
Held in Kajaani, Finland. About 250 people attended. Prizes were not big;
demo compo winners Complex took home a harddisk and 3000FIM.

· Results from Byterapers web page,
· Additional releases and info gathered from:
  - Prologic Society Party pack 1 & 2.
  - Alpha Flight party pack.

invit   Society "Party Invitation Demo".

amdemo  1.  Complex "Vector Preview".
        2.  Vectra "Sinking Demand".
        3.  Complex "Universal Intensity".
        4.  Wizzcat.
        5.  Scup.

music   1.  Heatbeat/Rebels.
        2.  Dean/Complex.
        3.  Delorean/Vertigo.
        4.  Tyrell/Dual Crew.

gfx     1.  Golem/Anarchy.
        2.  Open Eyes/Offworld.
        3.  Morrison/Vectra.
        4.  Drifter/Vertigo.
        5.  ???/Accession.

kickoff 1.  Dwarf/Agony.

other   Alpha Flight "Huukkers" (amiga).
        Amaze "Dreamin" (amiga intro).
        Amaze "Electrical Extasy" (amiga demo).
        Amaze "Spiritiual Connection" (amiga demo).
        Cave "Megaintro 1" (amiga).
        Damage "Kaljua Ja Gaagnista" (amiga).
        Equinox "Pimple Bmbin" (amiga).
        Fantasy Force "Fantasian #7" (amiga pack).
        Intuition "Boring Filled Vectors" (amiga).
        Prologic "Constipation" (amiga).
        Sonic "Another BBS Intro" (amiga).
        Wizzcat "Digital Nonsense (nalle)" (amiga).
        Wizzcat "Party Demo" (amiga).