Sounds Digital

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Sounds Digital
Sounds Digital album cover.
Studio album by Allister Brimble
Year Published 1993
Genre Synth, Electronic, Game
Length 58:53
Producer Allister Brimble
Catalogue No. AMBCD1

Sounds Digital was a solo project composed performed and produced by Allister Brimble, with digital editing by Steve Blenkinsopp and cover artwork by Rico Holmes.

Track Listing

The tracks are offered here for download as high quality ogg files, with the permission of Allister Brimble.

  1. "Voyager" - (5:37)
  2. "Himalayan Sunrise" - (5:08)
  3. "Assassin" - (7:15)
    Studio version of the main theme from Assassin.
  4. "Drifting to Heaven" - (4:56)
  5. "Creation" - (6:35)
  6. "Magnetic Drops" - (6:00)
  7. "Project X" - (4:58)
    Studio version of the main 'rave mode' theme from Project-X.
  8. "Thesmophoria" - (4:09)
    Studio version of the 'old timer mode' theme from Project-X.
  9. "Full Contact" - (5:54)
    Studio version of the intro theme from Full Contact.
  10. "Wildwest Kid" - (5:22)
  11. "Mid Summers Heat" - (2:59)

Technical Information

(Taken from the album inlay.)
Sounds Digital was created using the very latest in sythesizer technology. Equipment used includes the following...


Effects and EQ


  • SECK 1882

Analogue Recording

Digital Recording

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 & 8 were recorded directly from synth to DAT with no analogue recording involved, meaning the quality is absolutely second to none!

All tracks were sequenced using Music-X on an Amiga A500 computer.

Interestingly a mistake was made with the mastering of this album. When recording to DAT a high pass filter was added as normal. The reverse effect (a low pass filter) should be added on making the master. However, it was forgotten so the album came out much brighter than expected. A lot of people have perceived this as better quality although in reality it has lost something in the mid/bass end.


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