Southern Party '93

From ExoticA
24-25.07  Southern Party 93.
SP93 was held by Tic-Jam, Impulse and Darkness in San Fernando, Spain.
It was the second ever Spanish party, following last years event by Fifth
Generation and Darkness, which attracted only 34 people... This one was a
lot more successful, and 267 people attended - making it the biggest party
in Spain so far, easily! Nothing indicates the presence of other platforms
than the amiga.

· Results from the Shock! Party Results Pack 5.0.
· Results and information from party report in Upstream #7.
· Results and intros from Estrayk's Partypack.

amdemo  1.  Troglobyte/Darkness "7 Days".
        2.  5th Generation "Positive Logic".
        3.  Rhino/Batman Group "The Killing Joke".

am64k   1.  Oriol/Darkness "Firstep".
        2.  5th Generation "Fatal Effect".
        3.  Kustom/Darkness "Crack Your Brain".
        xx. Balance (ESP) "Malestar General".
        xx. Hipnooxis/Darkness "Intro".
        xx. Batman Group "Ventana".

gfx     1.  Reliant/Necropolis.
        2.  God/Lloret Free Byte (LLFB).
        3.  Warlock/Darkness.

music   1.  Dolby/Darkness "Natural Noise".
        2.  Estrayk/Darkness "Faked Destruction".
        3.  (Reset)Evelred/Fifth Generation.

other   Impulse "Art & Go" (amiga slideshow/musicdisk).