Spectre & Northstar Helloween Party '89

From ExoticA
02-05.11  Spectre & Northstar Helloween Party 89.
SNH89 was held in Trollhättan, Sweden for the amiga scene. Arrangers claimed
to have room for 800 people, plus 300 computers, but finally only around
200-250 showed up. Very few foreigners came, just a few guys from Denmark,
Norway and Finland. The game Xenophobia was cracked and released at the
party. More info most welcome! Was there a graphics competition at all?

- some demos found on Eternity, Halloween Party pack "Eternal #5".
- some demos from Acme Factorys Compilation #41 Party exdition.

invit   Spectre "Party Invitation Demo" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  The Silents "Snurkel Preview".
        xx. Bloodsuckers "Nokian Nuoriso Ohjaaja Demu -Pacman Demo-".
        xx. Bounty "Demo".
        xx. Eternity "Cthulhus' First".
        xx. Extacy "Demo".
        xx. Maffia "Maniac".
        xx. Phenomena "Arboga Party 90 Invitation".
        xx. Phenomena "Bikie 420 Bobs".
        xx. Phenomena "S & N Party 89 Demo".
        xx. Phoenix "Party".
        xx. Rebels "Toked Away".
        xx. The Silents "Magic Dimensions of Scrolling".
        xx. Spectre "Hold On".
        xx. Tommyknockers "Rasterdemo".

music   1.  Time Traveller and Blackstar/Cryptoburners "Blue Stars".
        xx. Wea/Scope "Sexual Frustration".

other   Digitech "Technocratic Times #2" (amiga diskmag).
        D-Mob "Megamusic Disk III" (amiga musicdisk).