Summer Computer Conference '97

From ExoticA
04-06.07  Summer Computer Conference '97.
SCC97 was held in Köping, Sweden for the pc and amiga scenes. Mazurka's
"Fimphinken" was disqualified from the amiga intro competition, since it was
made with DemoManiac. The music competition was held with 4ch and
multichannel entries mixed.

· Results from file marked 'SCC COMPO RESULTS!'.

amdemo  1.  Giants "Tel Aran'Rhoid".

amintro 1.  Nukleus "Starforce".
        2.  Elefantklubben "Helmut 9".
        3.  Factor "Nevermind".

pcdemo  1.  Noica "TBA".
        2.  Prisoners of Poison "Infected".

gfx     1.  Iceman/Factor "Jordgubbsfil".
        2.  Hr Stoppur/Elefantklubben (EFK) "Ratad".
        3.  Browallia/Nukleus "Creepin Daylight".
        4.  Uffe Andersson "Marilyn".

music   1.  anjit/Quasar "Project 2".
        2.  Wizard/Giants^DC "Synthetic".
        3.  Dasse/Stop "Boulder".
        4.  Morot/Elefanklubben (EFK) "Gitarrsm+rg+s".
        5.  Dasse/DHS "Hej Hopp Halebopp".
        6.  Pelefant/Elefantklubben (EFK) "Gabba".
        7.  Pft/Elefantklubben (EFK) "Astaroth".

surprise - draw elvis presley
        1.  Rune/Limited Edition "Runelvis".
        2.  Wizard/Giants^DC "Elvis"
        3.  Pelefant/EFK "-Lvis".
        4.  Iceman/Factor "12-vis".
        5.  Uffe Andersson "Elvis".
        6.  Browallia/Nuklues "El-Visp".
        7.  No Fear/Stop "Knugen".
        8.  Hr Stoppur/EFK "Elvis".

surprise - only rule: max 2k
        1.  Morot/EFK "928 Bytes".
            Comment: Some music and a fractal, size 928 bytes
        2.  Elefantklubben "Dikt"
            Comment: A pic with some strange poem shit, size 2k
        3.  Pelefant/EFK "Tarmframfall".
            Comment: Small musicmod, powerpacked, size 1,1 k
        4.  Nukleus "Muuh"
            Comment: A small executable with pic, size 2k
        5.  Iceman/Factor "Ispojken".
            Comment: 2 color pic in ping format, size 2k

surprise - make a song with the provided samples.
        1.  Kakelugn/Bpf "Help".

other   A/NES v.21b (amiga util).