Symphony 2002

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     .06  Symphony 2002 (
SYM02 was held at the Lesny Holiday Camp In Tuczno, Poland. About 200 people
attended. The party was mostly polish people, but a few also showed up from
Sweden and Germany. There was some preselection for the competitions; eg 6
of 11 (4chmus), 12 of 25 (multich). The demo competition was held mixed
between pc and amiga.

demo    1.  Madwizards "Third Eye Conqueror" (amiga).
        xx. Floppy "Captured Dreams" (pc).
        xx. Suspend "The S" (pc).

4chmus  xx. Cactoos/Da'Hoo "Badtrip".
        xx. Emsi/Addict Labs "Baby I Wanna...".
        xx. Flapjack/Madwizards "Der Horizont".
        xx. Seabrush/Ultimaa^Mystic Bytes "Upside Down".
        xx. Traymuss/Vague "Jumpy Alien".
        xx. Zombie/Behemoth Breakz "Zet's Dead".

multich 1.  Flapjack/Madwizards "Funky Baranky".
        xx. Koglas/Nemesis "For K".
        xx. Robin/Whelpz/Attic "Pulse".
        xx. Rogal/D6 "Stand Up For Your Rites".
        xx. Skuter/Marshmellow "Setting Sun".