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   07.01  TJC-MGF-JOY Party.
Held by The Jungle Command, Magnificent Force and Joy Division near Utrecht,
Holland. It was a one-day party. About 30-40 amigas were present, no
information on other platforms or the number of actual people in attendance.
Reportedly, quite a few demos, games and tools were released at this party,
and we'd love to know more about it.

- Information from minireport published in Accession's "Scandinavian News
  #2" (amiga).

invit   TJC-MGF-JOY "Jungle Party" (amiga intro).

other   Destiny Seven "Sound-Tracker Ripper" (amiga tool).
        The Jungle Command "Non Stop Music" (amiga musicdisk).
        TJC & MGF & JOY "Megademo" (amiga trackmo).
        Subway & Dream Team  "Worlds Wave II" (muscidisk).