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Music I also made and which floats around on the net (the ones that aren't found only on my computer)

  • ParaLemmings.mod, used in MegaTron V1.5 (on Aminet)
  • These were on the old Exotica website (and maybe somewhere on the new one) or can be found on MODland
    • outburst.ahx
    • thetest.ahx
    • tikkeltokkel.ahx
    • wild sound.ahx

MP3 versions of 'Happy (Bubble) Buzzday' and the above mentioned AHX tunes can be found on Stone Oakvalley's Amiga Music Collection (SOAMC=).

An short interview (from 2000?) can be found on the AMP (Amiga Music Preservation) website.

More info on what I did on the Amiga can be found in my profile on

Most of my music is still on my computer (some finished, a lot not. mostly made in OctaMED SoundStudio, maybe some AHX and maybe a MusicLine mod). Later (2002/2003 ? I also made music using MODPlug Tracker (on Windows). After about 2003 new hobbies (Diablo II, WoW, gf, photography, and work took so much time I didn't have time to create music anymore.

Spellcoder 01:06, 18 June 2009 (UTC)