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Added a Link to the Traders Final Song, hope, that is ok. --Michael 21:27, 29. Nov 2008 (CEST)

Couple of things. You edited between an "AUTO" tag section. These are managed by a bot, so your edits will be overwritten. To add a link to an external site you should add a new section '==External Links==' for example and put it in there with a list like '* the link'. The other thing is, for most visitors the link is confusing. I clicked it, but I saw no obvious reference on the page to a demo tune (just an embedded flash player and German text about some smilies for download?). I see there is a reference that the tune on the page is from some amiga demo? But it is still rather confusing. Based on this I'm recommending we don't include this link, but instead try and rip the tune referenced and offer it for download instead. If you are the author of this tune, perhaps you can send the module in. Also please feel free to add more information to your page (f you are the composer), under new headings like with the Allister Brimble and Barry Leitch composer pages. BuZz 01:31, 30 November 2008 (UTC)