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The search supports downloading of the music in Ogg Vorbis format as well as mp3. We recommend using the ogg download, but the mp3 download is there should you need it. This feature allows you to play the music on the site with most media players, without having to download a variety of different specialist players. The oggs/mp3s are created on the fly in real-time, and as such are provided for convenience rather than 100% accuracy, however you may well be surprised at how good they sound. To access the ogg/mp3 downloads browse or search for a tune, and a button will be displayed above the results that allows you to show the ogg/mp3 download links.

Thanks to the creators of the following software that is used for the music playback and encoding

  • UADE - Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator, used for playback of the Amiga formats
  • XMP - For the playback of the multichannel PC formats.
  • Blargg's Audio Libraries - For console music playback
  • ASAP - Another Slight Atari Player, used for the playback of the Atari 8 bit music.
  • Sidplay-residfp - For playback of the Commodore 64 Music.
  • sc68 - For the playback of the sc68 format and SNDH Atari ST music.
  • sexypsf - For the playback of the Playstation music.
  • oggenc - To encode the ogg audio.
  • Lame - To encode the mp3 audio.