The Alternative Party 2002

From ExoticA
11-13.01  The Alternative Party 2002 (
ALT02 was held at the Culture Arena Gloria in Helsinki, Finland. This was
the party's first year at this venue. The party philosphy, as the title
indicates, is to be totally different from all other parties; the only
platform NOT allowed for competitions 386+ pcs ;) Lots of strange and
original competitions were available. The entrance fee was set at 20 euros
prepaid, and 25 at the door. Official sponsors of the event was Dataclub,
DLX Music and Fishpool Creations.
  A number of live acts were scheduled to perform at the party; PNMF!,
Telamurska, Happo, No I Aint, Tero Mayranen and Analogia.

invit   Dekadence "Invitation To Altparty" (c64).