The Easter Party '94

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12-13.03  The Easter Party 94.
TEP94 was held by Smash Designs (c64), Crystal (amiga), Phasematic (pc) and
Tristar Red Sector (amiga) in a large sportshall in Frechen-Habbelrath about
15km outside Cologne, Germany. According to the invitation, drinking was
allowed. Competitions for pc (demo gfx music), amiga (demo gfx music),
commodore 64 (demo gfx music), archimedes (demo) and super nintendo (demo)
were held, but apparently no cash prizes were given out. All entries
supposedly to be shown on 6 by 4 meters big screen. Any additional info on
this party would be most welcome.

· Info from party invitation by Airwolf/Genesis Project published in
  Scoopex' "Never Mind" packmag issue #48.

pcdemo  1.  Keen Like Frogs "The Journey".

pcintro 1.  Keen Like Frogs "Blue Obsession BBS".

music   1.  Lord Layer/Cylinx "Cylinx Revenge".

other   Bonzai "Sleepless Nights" (amiga 40k).
        Savage "Truth" (amiga).