The Gathering '92

From ExoticA
15-19.04  The Gathering 92.
TG92 was held at Skedsmohallen in Lillestrøm outside Oslo, Norway by
Deadline and The Crusaders. It was an exclusive Amiga party. It's sometimes
referred to as the Crusaders Deadline party in productions released here.

invit   Exile "Partyintro" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Spaceballs "Wayfarer".
        2.  Andromeda "D.O.S."
        3.  Offence "Sourcery".
        4.  Encore "Digital Surgery".
        5.  Cyberiad "Great Bytes in Fire".
        6.  Cult "So Simple".
        7.  Atomic "Unbelievable".
        8.  Paragon "Conjuring Tricks".
        9.  Division A.
        10. Andromeda "Multica".

gfx     1.  Sauron/Equinox "Beauty and the Beast".
        2.  Shocker/Vision "Alien".
        3.  Ranx "Visual Feminism".
        4.  Serpent "Hell or Paradise".
        5.  Cobra/Eon "Skull".
        6.  Fairfax/PMC "Heaven".
        7.  Decker "Bloodstone Lands".
        8.  Iridon/Shining "Barbarians".
        9.  TMB/The Silents "SRL-Train".
        10. Drifter/Byterapers "Terminator".
        xx. Bridgeclaw "Illusionia".

music   1.  Gin/Carnage "Party Time".
        2.  Jogeir/Noiseless "Variations".
        3.  Artifact/Troon "Maestrological".
        4.  Mazon/Fantasy "Disconnection".
        5.  Lizardking/Strange "Summer in Gambia".
        6.  Jason/The Silents "Delicious Nightmare".
        7.  Jester/Sanity "My Glamorous Life".
        8.  Thug/Fantasy "House of no Living".
        9.  Ash/Vixen "Soulside Journey".
        10. Dr.Bully/Majic 12.
        xx. Noteman/Virtual "The Art of Tunes".
        xx. Spike/Reflectors "Concerto For Piano".
        xx. Heatbeat/Carillion.
        xx. Anders Hamre/Dezibel Desperados.
        xx. Brainbug/Alcatraz.
        xx. Mr.Man/Andromeda.
        xx. Headx/Andromeda.
        xx. Lord Interface/Andromeda.

other   Kefrens "ANTSC-Tro" (amiga intro).
        Noxious "ProTracker 2.1A" (amiga util).
        Noxious "Protracker Informer Intro" (amiga intro).
        Static Bytes "All Time Greatest Hits #10" (amiga musicdisk).
        Static Bytes "New Eurochart Informer" (amiga intro).
        Strange "Nordic Report #2" (amiga diskmag).
        Wizeguys "Born" (amiga intro).
        The Firm "BBS Informer" (amiga intro).
        Sonic "Finlandia Intro" (amiga intro).
        Exile "Partyintro" (amiga demo).
        Cult "Microprose" (amiga magazine).
        Phantasm "Little Intro" (amiga demo).
        PMC "Demo" (amiga demo).
        Static Bytes "Lamer Tester" (amiga gametro).
        Krafted "Pihtro" (amiga intro).
        Bronx "Party Intro" (amiga intro).
        Curacy "RGB-Plasma" (amiga intro).
        The Family "Kill Them All" (amiga demo).
        Samba "Ziptro" (amiga intro).
        Spaceballs "Kill Your Mouse" (amiga Intro).
        Drew "Intro" (amiga intro).
        Dual Crew "Sounds Of Sience" (musicdisk).