The Real Scene After Christmas 00.5

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03-05.11  The Real Scene After Christmas 00.5 (
TRSAC00.5 was held at a school canteen in Horsens, Denmark for the amiga and
pc scene. This was the second TRSAC party this year. About 60-70 people
attended. There were mostly danes, naturally, but also some swedes (TBL) and
some dutch people came. There was a bigscreen projector, but it was not of
the best quality. Apart from the competitions listed below, also a harddisk
throwing competition was held, won by Random/Iris with a small margin over
IndJANa/The Beerz =) Winners of the intro competitions were not hard to
decide, since they were both alone in their categories. The overall opinion
of the party seems to be that it was a great, true sceneevent, with a
fabulous atmosphere during the entire weekend.

· Results from file marked 'TRSAC '00.5 official results'.
· Information from report in Darkage's "Showtime #16" (amiga diskmag).

amdemo  1.  Loonies "At The Movies".
        2.  Iris "Abecedarian".
        3.  Trinity "Trinity".

am64k   1.  DCS "Tourbus 3".

pcdemo  1.  Alien Prophets "White Noise Can't Jump".
        2.  Fairlight "Heroes".

pcintro 1.  Mainloop "Expresso".

oldskool demo
        1.  Spaceballs "Lick".
        2.  The Beerz "Noget Fedt".
        3.  Iris "Vivid".

gfx     1.  Fusko/Mangoo "Prey".
        2.  Yenzen/Mainloop "Turtle Delight".
        3.  Unreal/Nah Kolor "Shield".
        4.  Farfar/Loonies "Ford T7".
        5.  Malmis/Mangoo "Bloody Hell".
            Moniq & Truff "Lille f°l".
        7.  Farfar/Loonies "Krom".
            Svend Bµnk "Pez".
            N.C. Biermeister "Tubby".
            Diamond "Virtual Extacy".
        11. Presence/Fnuque "Narkolasse".
            Laika/Loonies "PC User".
            Orange/TBC "Pik Tank".

raytrac 1.  Flunkium "Trucks are a girl's best friend".
        2.  UltimateW "Dogpound".
        3.  Laika/Loonies "TRSAC And".
        4.  Dental Headache "Vigilance II".
        5.  ody "From the paleozoic era".
        5.  Degrysin/Clasp "Mr. Bober".
        7.  Inf "Robots".
        8.  Peikko "Moming".

4chmus  1.  Tickle/Darkage "Vicious Triangle".
        2.  Teo/Kangooroo "Frozen Photons".
        3.  Reed/Damage "Elephatism".
        4.  Dreyer/Spoon "Piano Panic".
        5.  CurtCool/Depth "Chaotic Kitch(en)".
        6.  Mr.Vain/Secretly! "Jungle Groove".

multich 1.  Puryx/Unique "Dreamland".
        2.  Orange/TBC "The 4th Dimension".
        3.  Toxic Child/Mainloop "Outpost7 makes contact"
        4.  Farfar/Loonies "Pilgrim".
        5.  Dreamer/Nah Kolor "Nah Kolor".
        5.  ody & moe "The MC Upright".
        7.  Dreyer/Spoon "Voice'n'vibes".
        8.  Kure/Rno "Better Life Next Door".