Treacl and Panic Party

From ExoticA
02-03.03  Treacl and Panic party.
Held at Paulus Stuben in Bocholt, Germany by Treacl (Diddle) and Panic for
the amiga scene. The entrance fee was 6DM if you announced you were coming,
8DM if you just turned up. Food and drinks could be bought at the party
place. Treacl were also involved in another party later this year. There was
demo, graphics and music competitions - We'd be most grateful for any
results or additional information!

demo    3.  Coma "Floodland II".
        xx. Action "Confrontation".

music   xx. 16 Beat/United Forces "Desaster Area".

other   Coma "Exotic Pack #2" (amiga pack).
        Coma "Party Intro" (amiga).