Trip '98

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02-04.01  Trip 98 (
TRIP98 was held at Fair Center in San Giorgio Del Sannio near Naples,
Italy for the amiga and pc scene. TRIP means The Real Italian Party. There
were no PC demos released at the party, only 4k and 64k intros. The party
was arranged by Deathstar (pc).

· Information from invitiation text by Deathstar.

invit   Darkage "Trip 98 Invitation" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Nah-Kolor "SideFx".
        2.  Figa Production "Ciucci".
        3.  Third Stage "BrainShock" (AMOS).

am64k   1.  Darkness "Long Trip".
        2.  Darkage "Kill Santa Claus".
        3.  Genesis "Earthquake".
        4.  Dip/independent "Past, Present and Future".

am4k    1.  Mod3m/Darkage "Giuluia".
        2.  Tad (independent) "Blurstar".

fastmus 3.  FBY "Kyoto".

other   Nah-Kolor and Elven 11 "Little Sister" (amiga).