True Party

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          True Party.
TRU93 was held by Grif (pc) and Faces (c64) for the pc and c64 scenes in
Hungary. M12's winning pc demo was not released at the party due to some
bugfixing which had to be done first. Planet Organ won a competition I can't
even pronounce, much less understand, with their "FM Sample Editor" :)
Faces also arranged a party the previous year, in 92. Any results from the
c64 competitions most welcome!

· Results from textfile marked 'TRue PaRTY (GRiF/FaCeS)'.

pcdemo  1.  Majic 12 "Noname".

pcintro 1.  100as Sz”g & Planet Organ "Slide-Salt".
        2.  Majic 12 "Top Secret 14".

gfx     1.  Ringer/Organ "Pirate Skull".
        2.  TMT "Electiger".

        1.  Ringer/Organ "Weyland-Yutani BBS logo".
        2.  TMT "Cyber".
        3.  Maxwood/Majic 12 "Bano Portrait".

music   1.  Rian/Organ "Lights" (8ch).
        2.  Stinyo/Organ "Hah¢" (4ch).
        3.  El VaQuito/NRG "Things" (4ch).