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Mortality (1997, 28.12, AGA 4MB File)

Review by Glenn Lunder

"Mortality" is another one of these 'theme' demos, which try to tell a story or send a message through the demo medium. Some of these succeed in creating the mood they're after, like Syndrome's "Hardcore" [11/96] or Powerline's "Enforcing the Law" [12/97], but unfortunately most fail. Tulou's attempt, unfortunately, falls into the latter category. It fails to pick up the pace to sustain interest, and the many parts of irrelevance bored me stiff.

So is there nothing good about this demo? Why, sure there is! The graphics are sometimes quite good, and it seems like Razorback is a name we'll have to keep a close eye on :) The best effect in the demo BTW is the 'light at the end of the tunnel' one right after the EKG flatlines... Since Zito disagrees with me over the qulity of this demo, I have chosen to include his review as well.

tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0.

Review by Zito

At the beginning you can see a clock ticking and suddenly it stops and you know it is the end while you hear the choirs of angels sing... This is the start of a very stylish, dark and atmospheric demo by Tulou! Afterwards appears an animated road seen from a car and suddenly you - the driver - hit a man standing in the middle of it. He's lieing in the light of your car's reflectors. Bleeding. His heart is still beating as you can see on the EKG-Viewer, but the world fades away and when you see the well-known tunnel of light you know he is also dead. At the cemetery the death himself watches over the dead... Now the picture is zoomed (not perfectly but nice) and after an ugly face the best picture with the closest of this demo is presented to your eyes. Then follows a senseless pause (after the david's cross) and another nice tunnel appears. You are on cemetery again and while your look scrolls right you are able to read the credits on tombstones. Then it seems you are in hell but when the endscroller shows up the colors get brighter and peacefull clouds are to be seen...

This is a demo with real style. Maybe some of you will find it too dark and morbid but I like it very much. It is one of my favorites. Not only because of the very dark style and the fabulous pictures by Razorback, but also because it is not too long and particulary because of the music. This is a real score! I have never heard a tune that fit better in every part of a demo. It's a demo no one should have missed. But it could be a better one if it ended by fading out not with this endless loop and if the title were be better presented!

tested A1200/030-42/2mb chip, 8mb fast.

Pusherman (1998, 13.06, AGA/CGX 8MB Multifile Demo)

Review by Glenn Lunder

An asian-flavoured guitar lick opens the original "Pusherman", and takes us into Tulou's demo world - a very very weird place to be. There are quite a few attempts at doing something different within this production, from the music to the charming kung-fu quotes. The effect with the multi-layer bumpmapping was very nice. Graphics are overall very original, if not especially GOOD... They seem to have been mostly scanned and then retouched for the desired effect. Not exactly a showstopping demo.

tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1.