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TuneNet started out as an simple OS4 native CLI tool designed to play MP3's and shoutcast streams. Gradually a GUI was added along with general music playing features, making it more useful as a general MP3 player. Eventually a plugin system was added allowing it to play Protracker modules and AIFF tracks. Since then there have been a lot more 3rd party plugins and TuneNet can now play quite a few formats. In 2006 TuneNet also gained the ability to broadcast whatever was being played to a shoutcast server.

TuneNet has a standard ReAction GUI, but a flexible skinned GUI is in development and should be released mid-2007. Aside from the main GUI, it also has the ability to put a miniture skinned interface into a Dock bar, known as a "Docky".


  • Plays MP3's and MP3 Shoutcast streams.
  • Integrates with IBrowse and AWeb.
  • Editable Playlist.
  • Built in Internet Stream Searching facility.
  • Drag and Drop with recursive loading.
  • Sound Level display.
  • Station and current tune display.
  • Reaction GUI and OS4 native
  • Plugin Support (Players).
  • HD Save for Streams.
  • IDV3.2 tag support.
  • Docky Skinable Interface
  • Search / Sorting and Editing facilities.
  • Different Playing Facilities (XFade, Gapless Play etc..)
  • Sub Song Support.
  • On the fly resampling / multi-channel mixing.
  • Encoder support and Shoutcast compatible Broadcasting.
  • Extended M3U playlist support + Station saving within playlists.
  • Scrollwheel support.
  • Graphical buttons for the Reaction GUI
  • Extra list support (Artist Album etc..)

Work in Progress and Planned Features

  • Mic input for broadcasting.
  • Fully Skinable GUI.
  • DSP plugins

Supported Formats

Bundled Players

Player Comment
MP3 Player for MP3 files
AIFF Player for Audio Interchange File Format files
MOD Protracker Module files

External Players

Player Comment
AAC Apple's audio format for iTunes
AHX Abyss' Highest eXperience (via HVL plugin)
AY Spectrum AY emulation (via GME plugin)
DT Datatypes
FLAC Lossless compressed audio streams
GBS Gameboy sound emulation (via GME plugin)
GYM Sega Megadrive/Genesis sound emulation (via GME plugin)
HES PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 sound emulation (via GME plugin)
HVL Hively Tracker
KSS MSX Home Computer sound emulation (via GME plugin)
MID General Midi
MOD Tracker Modules
MPC MusePack
NSF/NSFE Nintendo 8-bit/Famicom sound emulation (via GME plugin)
OGG Ogg Vorbis
SAP Atari XL sound emulation (via GME plugin)
SID 6581/8580 SID emulation
SMS Sega Master System sound emulation (via GME plugin)
SPC Super Nintendo sound emulation (via GME plugin)
VGM/VGZ BBC Micro, Colecovision, Sega 32X, Sega Game Gear, Sega Master System, Sega Mega CD, Sega Megadrive, Sega SG-1000 sound emulation (via GME plugin)
VTX ZX Spectrum AY emulation
YM Atari ST YM emulation

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