Turtle Party '91

From ExoticA
   11.05  Turtle Party 91.
Held at a kind of youthcenter in Helsinki-Munkkivuori, Finland by
Turtle/Frantic for the finnish amiga scene. About 70 people attended this 1-
day party. There was one big hall and 3 smaller rooms. The competition was
just for intros, since this was just a "miniparty".

amintro 1.  Rebels "Introduction To Seduction".
        2.  Alpha Flight "Huunous".
        3.  Image "Turtle Demo".
        4.  Bloodsuckers "Multipart Demo".
        5.  Alpha Flight "Party Demo".
        6.  Equinox "Party Turtle".
        7.  Sonic "Meeting Intro".
        xx. Agile "Intro".
        xx. Byterapers "Official".
        xx. Decade "Farty Intro".
        xx. Equinox "Mini Intro".
        xx. Society "Party Invitation Demo".

other   Equinox "Fabulous Fall Out Collection #2" (amiga pack).