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Note the module is now on CPAN

Please Check CPAN for the latest version of the module and documentation

This module provides an interface between Perl and the MediaWiki API ( allowing creation of scripts to automate editing and extraction of data from MediaWiki driven sites like Wikipedia.

I wrote it as the module we were using previously for our bot ( had a variety of bugs which didn't seem to get fixed very quickly and as the MediaWiki API was getting mature, it seemed logical to move to a solution which utilised it.


The module requires the Perl module JSON::XS (available as libjson-xs-perl on Debian lenny/sid). It used the XML::Simple in the first versions, but I switched it over to the json format, as it is a much faster parsing module and in some respects, easier to work with. (XML::Simple by default on Debian uses the Pure Perl parser which has some problems with decoding numerical entities in attributes)


Please use

 perldoc MediaWiki::API

or see the MediaWiki Based Documentation

For reporting bugs, please use the CPAN bug tracker


The latest snapshot can be downloaded from CPAN - If you want to try the development version, it is available on github at

it should build and install with

make; sudo make install