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Good reasons to contact me:

- You already know me. I'm always glad to remember and to share good time with friends and former contacts.
- You're a fan. I'm ok to sign autographs. Just joking ;)
- You're a female fan, or just a good-looking female and not a fan. I know this is a really bad joke... but I'm always interested in making good relationships. ;)
- Interesting (well remunerated) job proposals. I'm not especially willing to quit my job, and I have no special ideas in mind, but if you feel I can be good for something, please don't refrain contacting me.
- Contributing with a new (legal) project for Delight. All ideas are welcome, especially if you have the will and enough time to dedicate yourself, and you need me for any reasons.
- You have some of my lost Protracker modules, or you have rare lost Delight demos or intros like The Museum BBStro, the official release of FRX Dentro with the appropriate scrolltext in English, the Delight PC demo by Bofman, the second Paranormal intro, the intro made by Performer for Dino cracks/oneparts, any releases by coders from our Norwegian section, Delight releases of the boosted/enhanced Diskmaster and of the translated X-Copy (which I have both done myself), or even any of my own Universal Packs. I'm very eager to complete my collection and to recover my lost musics (due to the harddisk crashes), and I would be very grateful in return if you can help me with this.
- You have intelligent questions. Yes it may happen sometimes.
- Just say hello, send greetings or moral support. This is much appreciated.

Please don't bother me with:

- Illegal stuff, threating or whatever the same. At best I will ignore you, at worst I will make sure that you will receive a warning from very competent people.
- Arguments about which group was good or bad, which member was lame, who was stealing code/graphics/etc. I don't give a fuck.
- Too many pointless questions. I don't have the time to respond.
- Too much praise before asking me to devote time to do something for you. Please re-read 'The crow and the fox' (Jean de Lafontaine).
- Your opinion about how I am bad or nasty. I'm neither bad nor nasty, but if you loudly insist, I can make an exception for you. Please be polite and constructive if you want to send me some critics - I'm not opposed to this.
- Your opinion about how Open Source is good and Intellectual Property is terrorism. The world's economy needs both and if you're too stupid to understand this you shouldn't be allowed to use an e-mail client at all.
- Mythomania or delirium tremens. I'm not your doctor.


Please feel free to add your comments here:

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