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Vacuum (VCM, 1996-)

Vacuum was founded by Hollywood and Stelios after they left Axis in late 1996. I've seen a text file announcing their new chartmag 'Pump', the world musician charts! The first issue was allegedly to have been released in August/September 1995, which is highly unlikely!


Hollywood (Simon M. Carless, founder music, ex Axis)
Stelios (founder code, ex Axis)
Dave (Dawid Nabialek, swap, late '95)
Qix (swap, new late '95)
Ania (new late '95)
Digital (gfx only 04/'96, music only 06/'96, doublemember Phuture 303 06/'96)
Insert (org gfx)
Jacool (swap pack)
Lazarus (ex Scum, new 04/'96, not in 06/'96)
Mat (pol? new late '95)
Sixtus (pol? new late '95)
Trash (gfx, doublemember of Phuture 303 06/96)