Virtual Conspiracy '95

From ExoticA
31.3-2.4  Virtual Conspiracy 95.
VC95 was held in Nyköping, Sweden by Moment 22, Limited Edition and DCS
Graphics. It wasn't a big success; only about 150 people showed up, and
there were no good competitions. It was speculated that with The Gathering
only half a month away, people were probably saving the good stuff for
that... Note: A separate result file switched the two first places of the
Amiga Intro competition, so C-Lous wins...
-- Productions fully Scenery integrated.

· Results from an official resultfile from the three arranger groups.

amdemo  1.  Sunshine Productions "Stressad och Trött".
        2.  C-Lous "Das Omen".

am40k   1.  CryoZone"Germicide".
        2.  C-Lous "Time Square".
        3.  Nukleus "Art".
        xx. C-Lous "Virtual Conspiracy".
        xx. Insane "Virtual Conspiracy Intro".
        xx. Obscene "Virtual Conspiracy Intro".

pcdemo  1.  Noice "Dissident".
        2.  Creation "Joop".

pcintro 1.  Omega "Take This".
        2.  Creation "Äppelbo".
        3.  Derfa "Fire".

gfx     1.  Utah & Pris/Edge "BIB the biFIN".
        2.  Zappo & Eracore/Rebels "Stoned Hot".
        3.  Iceman/Extreme "A1200".
        xx. Flax "Dragon Slayer".
        xx. Preed "Fancy".

4chmus  1.  Omen/Noice "Whad".
        2.  Musicline "Straight On".
        3.  Radix/Duplo! "OutLaw & Folkhem".

multich 1.  Tito/Candela "I Can Fly".
        2.  ??? "Assorted Voices".
        3.  Zodiak/Cascada "Naranja".

wild    1.  John Doe.