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This is very much work in progress, the vast majority of this text was imported from the research file Hein and Groepaz created some years ago. There is also some more info on the Amiga side of Vision here: Vision (amiga) (old) and here: Vision (amiga) (new) which probably should be imported into this page as well.

Authors:	Groepaz;		First Vision Document (Vision C64)
		Hein;		Second Vision Document (Vision C64/Amiga) & Mixing the two docs together.
		Dishy;	Additional Info on Vision Denmark (C64)
Thanks and regards must fly out to the following individuals frum Groepaz:

Rene 'Tyler' Kriest      ... for finding SINAPISM 2
Martin 'Spook' Frech     ... for sending SINAPISM 5
Crossbow/Crest  -  for his efforts in collecting old demos, specifically for fixing SINAPISM5 for C128.
The Guardian/Camelot - for countless hours of craptalk on irc :o)
Scenery64 - for letting me steal some info i didnt remember :=P
Acidchild/Triad (?) - also for his efforts in collecting demos, found working d&d collection

(If you think i have forgotten something in this list please let me know)
Thanks and regards frum Hein (scenedudes):

All Vision members..   for creating great demos, code, graphics and music and hopefully for having just fun. Cheers!
Groepaz..  for keeping the Vision history up-to-date with his original Vision text-file. Thanks.
Rick 'Ice-T' Hoekman..  for endless support in my moody days, and being a great friend and creative soul.
Arthur 'Ozzy' van Jole..  for the inspiring talks, his great passion for music and pixels, and also a warm friendship.
Richard Wagenführer..  for his great Demoscene Collection, info, and suppling almost all Vision-Amiga demos, and lending me his catweasel to convert old Amiga disks.
Crown/Cryptoburners..   for pleasing the Amiga musicians.
Everybody who's been nice and loving. :)
All at C64/Amiga scene for being cheerfull and happy about silly computerstuff. 

All time memberlist

Commodore 64

Name			Date		Hobbies		Place	Main Productions		Groups before Vision	Groups after Vision
Amj								fin					Motion
Bird								dk
Blo			89-90		Code/Gfx/Music		nl	Contest Demo, Crazy		Twilight?		
Bluez			5/90		Music			swe					Choice
Cash								swe	Contact Vision
Cruel			10/93
Curlin = New Society			Code/Crack/Swap/Pr	ger	Sinapisms, Vision Cracks	Ice			Afl, Triad, Hitmen
Dealer								swe
Dishy 			10/93
Diskbandit 		10/93
Dr. Jones
Econ (=Icon?)		5/90					swe					Choice
General								scan
Glasnost				Code/Graphics		scan	The Mist, Mist 2						Camelot
Groepaz				Code/Music		ger	Sinapism 3, 4 & 5, Vinews	Ice			Afl, Triad, Hitmen,
Gryzor			5/90					swe					Choice
Heavyhead		10/93					dk
Hph = Hein Design	88-89		Graphics/Music		nl	Legalize it, Sinapism		Hsp, Orion		Density, Bml, Focus
Hsc			1988		Code			ger	Sinapism
Houbba (=Hubba?)	10/93					swe	Smokerings, We can
Iceball 			10/93
Icon			10/93					swe	Smokerings
Inxs								swe	Use yar Illusion, Kamazaike
Ironex			1988		Graphics		ger	Sinapism
Jihad (Jhd)				Code/Crack		ger	Abdul Khan, It's Digital					 Action, Hitmen,
Jucke								swe
Merlin					Crack				Cracks
Midnight Mover		93		BBS 'Illusion of Reality'	swe
Mr. Smart		10/93
Newscopy							swe
Nick Carter
Peacemaker							ger	
Plug 1					Graphics			Plug 1 Grafix
Racoon = Mad Butcher			Swap/Graphics		ger
Ray			10/93		Code				Dungeons & Dragons
Ricky D			1988					ger	Sinapism 1 & 2
Run DMC		1988		Code/Swap/Pr		ger	Sinapism 1 & 2
Satan 					Crack
Scooby			5/90&92-10/93	Graphics		swe					Choice
Shock			88-89		Swap/Pr		nl					Hsp, Orion
Skyhigh								scan	
Slaine			1988		Swap			nor
Sphinx								scan	Mist 2
Status			5/90&92				swe	We Can				Choice, Light
The Guardian (Tgd) 			Code/Gfx?/Music	dk	The Mist						Camelot,
Tll			1989		Code			nl
Tomcat			7/90										Exact
Tsm			88-89		Code			nl	Legalise It, See Ya		Hsp, Orion
Walt																Tbl
Wave					Graphics		dk	Dungeons & Dragons					Camelot
Wolf 			10/93
Xoss 			10/93
X-Radical		5-10/93										Nirvana
Yabba					Code			scan	Mist 2
Zagon			5/90&92	Code			swe					Choice, Light

Commodore Amiga

Name			Date		Hobbies		Place	Main Productions		Groups before Vision	Groups after Vision
A3			89?					nl					Gurus
Addict			89?					nl					Gurus
Asp			1989		Gfx/Music/Code		nl	Graphics in Mega Demo 1
Blo			89-90?		Code/Music/Gfx		nl	Micro Demo, Music					Mirage
Crackerjack		90		Code			nl	Mega Demo 4			Axis			Mirage
Darkfalk			89?					nl
Facet			89-91		Gfx/Music		nl	Graphics in many demos				Anarchy, Lemon, Spaceballs
Flash			89-91?		Swap/Packs		nor	Many Flashpacks
Hph = Hein Design/diArt	88-now		Gfx/Music		nl	Graphics in many demos	Hsp, Orion		Spaceballs, Analogue
Homeboy		91		Code			nl	Being Stoned.
Rick = Ice T		90-91		Music/BBS		nl	Music in Vision demos.		
Jetaza			89-90		Swap/PR/Packs		nl	Many Ultrapacks.		Gurus
Maikel			89?					nl
Megatron		89?					nl
Moonwalker		89?					nl
New Deal		89?					nl
Orc/diArt		91		Graphics		nl	Micro Demo			
Prime Time		1989		Music			nl	Music Masters
Redstorm		89?					nl
Shock			1989		Swap			nl					Hsp, Orion
Sience			1989					nl
Slash			90-92		Code/Gfx/BBS?		nl	Breakdown, Snakes		Mirage
Starwolf			1989		Swap			nl
Stingray		89-91		Swap/Packs		nl
Tbm			1989		Music			nl	Music Masters, Intromusic.	Gurus
Tsm			88-92		Code/BBS		nl	Megademos, Can't Be..
Timelord		89-92		BBS Bad Habbit		nl	Bad Habbit			Sphinx?
Urx			89?					nl
Vector			90-92		Code			nl	Nude TV 2, Power Cartridge	Mirage
?								nor

All time demolist

Commodore 64

Name			Date		Is?			Place	Produced by, Released at, Some specs..		
A new Vision							ger
Abdul Khan		2-12-89					ger	Code by Jihad, coop with Marcus+Toby of Alphaflight. For Giants and Unitec Meeting.
Amiga Breakdown	2-9-89		Demo			nl	Code by Tsm, graphics by Hph, music by Mon.
Another								ger	Produced by Curlin & Plug 1
Andrenochrome							ger	Produced by Groepaz.
Ass-o-chrome							ger	Produced by Jihad.
Back to Stay				Demo			scan?
Back? No Way!		29-7-89		Demo			nl	Code by Tsm, graphics by Hph, music by Mon.
Beat Dis!							ger	Produced by Jihad.
Best Moves		1989					ger?
Best Moves 2		5-10-89					ger	Produced by Jihad.
Bugger All		19-8-89		Demo			nl	Code by Tsm, graphics by Hph, music by Mon & 20cc
Contact Vision		1992		Contactnote		scan	Produced by Cash.
Contest Demo		1989		Demo			nl	Code by Blo & Tll, graphics by Blo & Hph, music by various. Released at Twins and BadBoysCrew party.
Crackintro 1 				Intro			ger
Crackintro 2 				Intro			ger
Crackintro 3 				Intro			ger
Crackintro 4				Intro			
Crackintro 5				Intro			
Crackintro 6				Intro			
Crazy			2-9-89		Demo			nl	Code by Blo & Tll, graphics by Blo & Hph, music by various.
Demopack		1990		Megademo		ger
Dungeons&Dragons			Slideshow		dk	Code by Ray, pictures by Wave, music by Reyn Ouwehand.
Fair Charts 1 (vsn+logic)			Magazine		scan
Fair Charts 2 (vsn+logic)	1990		Magazine		scan
In Kuwait! 		1993		Demo?			ger	Produced by Curlin.
Intro by Tsm		1988		Intro			nl	Code by Tsm, graphics by Tsm, music by Mon.
Intro 2.2			1990		Intro			ger
It's Digital							ger
Kamazaike							scan	Produced by Inxs.
Kick Ass !!		3-8-89					ger
Leaving Them		18-10-93					By Dr. Jones.
Legalize It 		17-10-88	Megademo		nl	Code by Tsm, graphics by Hph, music by Mon. Winner at Joy, Mgf & Wwe party Veenendaal Nl.
Martina			1990					swe	Produced by Stubby, Gryzor & Icon
Meeting demo		27-11-90				dk	Produced by Glasnost & The Guardian.
Message Creator	88-89		Note Maker		nl/ger	Produced by Tsm, New Society & Hph.
Memory Packer v2			Cruncher		ger
Mist (The)		1990		Megademo		dk	Produced by Bird, The Guardian & Glasnost. For Daniax Competition 
Mist 2			1990		Megademo		dk	Produced by Glasnost, Yabba, Gryzor & Sphinx.
No Sinapism		1989		demo				Produced by Merlin & Axonian
Note to All				Note			ger
Plug 1 Grafix				Slideshow		ger	Code by Curlin, graphics by Plug 1.
Prevision		1990		Megademo		ger/dk	Produced by Glasnost, Sphinx, Curlin & Groepaz. Released in Venlo.
Ranx Feb. Plug 1	1990		Note			ger
Saddamned..!				Demo			ger	Produced by Peacemaker.
Sample 							?
See Ya	!		1988		Demo			nl	Code by Tsm, graphics by Hph, music by Mon.
Simplistic Intro		11-3-89		Intro			nl	Code by Tsm, graphics by Hph, music by Jch?
Sinapism 1		17-12-88	Demo			ger	
Sinapism 2		24-12-88	Demo			ger	Code by Hsc, graphics by Ironex, Hph & Mgi.
Sinapism 3		4-3-89					ger	Code by Hsc & Run Dmc, graphics by Hph & Mgi.
Sinapism 4		17-6-89		Megademo		ger	Code by Curlin, Groepaz, Run Dmc, Ricky D & Swedes, graphics by Groepaz, Hph, Tsm & many others.
Sinapism 5 pv		1989		Demo			ger	Code by Groepaz & MCFaraday
Sinapism 5		1989		Megademo		ger	Code by Jihad, Groepaz & MCFaraday, graphics by Hph. 
Smokerings		1993		Megademo		swe	Code by Houbba & Icon, graphics by Houbba & Icon. Music by various.
Tbl bye Vision				Demo			scan	Produced by Walt.
The Editor		1990					ger
Use yar Illusion		10-91		Demo			swe	Produced by Inxs, coop with Rickmeister / Tpf.
Vinews Preview		1990		Magazine		ger
Vinews 1		1990?		Magazine		ger
     -For Everyone			Note Vinews		ger	Produced by Jihad.
Visiomizer V6.3		2-92		Packer			scan	Charpacker by Zagon.
We are Back!		9-93						By X-Radical.
We Can...		14-10-91	Megademo		swe	Code by Gryzor, Houbba & Icon, graphics by Houbba & Icon. Music by various.

Commodore Amiga

Name			Date		Is?			Place	Produced by, Released at, Some specs..		
-								all nl
1st Amiga Intro		1989		Intro				Code by Tsm, graphics by Hein & Tsm.
2nd Amiga Intro		1989		Intro				Code by Tsm, graphics by Hein, music by Walkman/It.
3rd Amiga Intro		1989		Intro				Code by Tsm, graphics by Hein, music by Hein - orig: Scout by Mon.
5 Yards					Demo				Code by Slash, graphics by Facet.
Airwolfintro v1				Intro				Code by Tsm, graphics by ?, music by Hein - orig: Airwolf by ?
Airwolfintro v2				Intro				Code by Tsm, graphics by ?, music by Hein - orig: Airwolf by ?
ACS Intro				Intro				Code by Tsm.
Another One				Demo				Code by Slash, graphics by Facet.
Blo's 1st demo				Demo				Code by Blo, graphics by Blo & Facet, music by Blo.
Born 2B Cool				
Breakdown				Demo				Code by Slash & Vector, graphics by Facet & Slash, music by Hein.
Can't Be...				Demo				Code by Tsm, graphics by Hein, music by Hein - orig: Rubicon by Mon.
Contactdemo				Demo
Crackintro				Intro
Dexion Party GFX			Slideshow			Code by Tsm, graphics by Hein, music by Hein. No. 5 at Dexion party.
Flashintro				PackIntro
Flashpackintro 1?			PackIntro
Flashpackintro 2			PackIntro
Focused on Art (coop)			Slideshow			Code by Dan / Anarchy, graphics by Facet, music by Hein. Coop with Anarchy.
Friendshipintro 1			Intro
Friendshipintro 2			Intro
Fun & Enjoy 1				
Glenz Intro				Intro				Code by Tsm, graphics by Hein, music by Hein.
HouseMusic				Musicdisk			Code by Tsm, graphics by Facet, music by Tbm?&Prime Time?
Illegal Copy 1				
Love Like Blood BBS			
Meeting demo				
Megademo		1989		Megademo			Code by Tsm, graphics by Asp, Hein & ripped, music by Hein, Walkman/It, Whitakker.
Megademo 2		1989		Megademo			Code by Tsm, graphics by Hein, Tsm, Arakis & ripped, music by Hein & ripped.
Megademo 4				Megademo			Code by Crackerjack, graphics by Facet & Crackerjack, music by Tbm or Prime Time.
Mintro					Intro				Code by Tsm, graphics by Hein, music by Rick & Hein.
Music Masters				Musicdisk			Code by Tsm, graphics by Facet, music by Hein, Tbm & ripped.
Musquito Coast BBS			
New Release				
Nude TV 2		1990		Animationdemo			Code by Vector, graphics by Hein & videoanimation, music by Hein. Released at Dexion party.
Potje Oranje				
Prime 90 Microdemo	1990		Demo				Code by Blo, Crackerjack & Tsm, graphics by Blo, Facet, Hein & Orc. Music by Blo & Rick.
Radical					Demo				Code by Slash, graphics by Facet, music by Blo?
Sine&Equalizer				Intro
Sineintro 1				Intro
Sineintro 2				Intro
Sineintro 3				Intro
Sineintro 4				Intro
Snakes (Game)				Game	(Amiga & PC)		Code by Slash, graphics by Slash, music by Hein.
Tilburg Copyparty			Invitationdemo
VF, AF partydemo?			Demo
Violation packmenu			Packmenu
To Be Shaded				
Little BBS Tools								Code by Tsm.

amiga DemoPacks
Flashpack 1-?? (by Flash)		Demopack			Pack by Flash.
Happy Hippo 1-??			Demopack
Invasion					Demopack
Triljoen (by Facet)			Demopack
Ultrapack			 	Demopack			Demopack by Facet, Jetaza, Stingray & Tsm.
	no.2 		1989	 	Demopack			Demopack by Tsm.
Violation 1-87? 				Demopack
Spontanious Packs		 	Demopack

Vision intro (Tsm)			Intro

To be classified

??.??.???? Demo: "saddamned..!" (Peacemaker)
??.??.???? Demo: "andrenochrome" (Groepaz)
??.??.???? Demo: "tbl bye vision" (Walt)
walt leaves for tbl
??.??.???? Demo: "beat dis!" (Jihad)
??.??.???? Demo: "for everyone" (jihad)
contact note for vinews
??.??.???? Demo: "ass-o-chrome" (jihad)
??.??.???? Demo: "plug1 grafix" (curlin, plug1)
??.??.???? Demo: "another" (curlin,plug1)
??.??.???? Demo: "contest demo" for wins and bad boys crew party (hlo,tll)
[hein]: (blo,tll,hph)
??.??.???? Demo: "d&d collection"
??.??.???? Demo: "sample"
(!WANTED!) ??.??.???? Demo: "No Sinapism" (Axonian, Merlin)
existing copy crashes after 2nd part :/ (and seems to be missing files aswell)
??.??.???? Mag: "Vinews Prv" (Groepaz, Hein Design)
little preview screen
??.11.1989 (?) Mag: "Vinews #003" (Jihad, McFaraday)
all demos. :) sigh...

Amiga unreleased/not finished 
Pac Maze				AMI	Playable 50 levels. Very enjoyable to play. Code:TSM, Music:Rick, Gfx:Facet/Slash/Orc/Hein
Megademo 5				AMI*	few sources? Some sources are the same as Global Journey Musicdisk.
Global Journey musicdisk		AMI	finished sources/gfx/mods (TSM&Hein)
Trip to Fractalus	(released?)		AMI	executable / sources? (Vector/Slash/Facet)
Power Cartridge (KCS)			AMI*	almost finished sources? / logo (Vector, some guy whats his name)
small stuff/others/unknown		AMI
What happened to Megademo 3?? 		Demo is never made. Odd. It's possible that TSM had plans to make Megademo 3, just before Crackerjack
						started on a megademo for Axis, later released as Megademo 4 for Vision.	 TSM probably used some routines
						for other demos n intros.	


Groups before Vision

			Can't Be...		1988		C64
			Sounddemo 1-5 (unrel.)	1987?		C64*
			Introduction		1988		C64
			Short Contact		1988		C64
			Contact Us		1988		C64
			Outtop			1988		C64
			Mega Strike		1988		C64
			Manowar		1988		C64
			!Members Wanted!	1988		C64
			In Dulce Decorum	1988		C64
				unreleased part	1988		C64
			Going Dutch		1988		C64			
			Snazzy			1988		C64
			Wallie (game knak)	1988		C64
			Ultrarip (Sid rips) 1-11	1988		C64*

			Pictures 				C64

The '1st Generation Vision' (started in 1988 by TSM+SHOCK+HPH, died in 1990)

The "real" vision was *originally* VSN.DE, and VSN.DK joined in early 1990 before VSN.DE 
was almost dying, things went better and at the end of 1990 VSN.SE joined in aswell...  
[note: mmh that doesnt fit looking at when certain stuff was released]
[note: VSN.DE should probably better be named .NL+.DE]

1988 - The group achieved success with their very first demo, "Legalise It" [10/88] 
Topping the competition at the MGF + JOY + WWE party in october!

17.10.1988 Demo: "Legalise it" for joy/hgf/wwe party (tsm,hph)
The first vision production ever

17.12.1988 Demo: "Sinapism" (!WANTED!)

24.12.1988 Demo: "Sinapism 2"


04.03.1989 Demo: "Sinapism 3" (tsm,hsc,hph)
[hein] As far as I know, Tsm has not worked on Sinapism demos.

11.03.1989 Demo: "Simplistic intro" (tsm,hph)

17.06.1989 Demo: "Sinapism 4" (Groepaz, Curlin, TSM, HPH, many...)

??.??.1989 Demo: "Sinapism5prv" (Groepaz, MCFaraday) (!WANTED!)
This was a 2 filed preview of the parts from the german ppl. only the first file could be located until now.

??.??.1989 Demo: "Sinapism5" (Jihad, Groepaz, MCFaraday, TSM, HPH, many...)

Sex'n'Crime 5 (July 1989)


this time with TIM of BABOONS ! well... first of all i've to say,that OMG gave me (SHABBY) a paper, with the interview on it ! but... this paper is a MIRACLE to me ! there are only the answers on it,not the questions !!! aaaaaahhhhrg ! but i hope that i found the right questions to those answers! so... sorry tim, if the interview isn't o.k. in all points ! anyway... here it is! -

s:hello tim !
t:hi !
s:well... how old are you ?
t:i'm now 17 years old !
s:tell us something about your computer carrier !
t:o.k.! 4 years ago i got my first computer (c 64) and soon i saw that it's fun to be a bit ILLEGAL ! the first group i joined was CRACK & CO ! after that i joined some more,like: DEVILS,POWERRUN,GASH,IKARI! (10 days) VISION,SHARKS and finally i built up BABOONS together with FATE & TANNER !
s:pweh ! quiet many groups ! what was your first crack ?
t:it was skate or die ! i cracked it, when i was in CRACK & CO !
s:well... who are your idols on the 64 ?
t:my idol in coding is MR.CURSOR, i really like his cool routines! the best graphican in my opinion is HPH !
s:and who,do you think,are the biggest lamers ?
s:what do ya think 'bout the computer- scene,nowadays ?
t:there are too many lamers and rippers! most of the old legends are gone... but there are also some cool groups nowadays !
s:which computer-mag do ya like best ?
t:the BEST mag on disk is the SEX'N'CRIME !
s:oh... thanx a lot ! well... what are your favourite movies and sounds ?
t:i love to watch monty phyton movies ! my favourites in music are: toten hosen,endstufe,aerzte....
s:what's your political position ?
t:i'm conservative ! (republican!) i use to say:"tuerken raus!"
s:peew... hard words... are you also active on the amiga ?
t:no ! i have one,but i'm not very active on this machine,at all.
s:yo ! thanx for this interview ! keep cool ! good bye !
t:oh... thank you ! c.u. !

29.07.1989 Demo: "back, no way" (tsm, hph)

03.08.1989 Demo: "kick ass !!" (new society)

19.08.1989 Demo: "bugger all" (tsm, hph)

Sex'n'Crime 7 (September 1989)
about 8-10 groups built up a FEDERARION AGAINST QUIZKID OF VISION. VECTOR will soon release an anti-demo, named "HUNTING QUIZKID".

02.09.1989 Demo: "amiga breakdown" (tsm, hph)

02.09.1989 Demo: "crazy" (blo,tll)

Sex'n'Crime 8 (October 1989)
HPH of VISION joined SCOOP DESIGNS and DENSITY (not DOUBLE DENSITY) and has changed his name into HEIN DESIGN.

??.??.???? Demo: "note to all" (new society)
Hph has just left for density/scoop
Memberstatus: tsm, shock, run-dmc, ricky d., morrissy, grapple, i-man iznogoud, slaine, groepaz, jihad,
tmm, tds, darklord, slaygon, codex, airwolf, blo, tll, modesty, powpin, stingray, new society

(!WANTED!) ??.??.1989 Demo: "best moves" (by TSM ?!)
[hein] Not by Tsm.

Sex'n'Crime 9 (November 1989)

05.10.1989 Demo: "best moves 2" (Jihad)

Sex'n'Crime 10 (23 December 1989)

  • LUXOR of MATRIX joined VISION.
  • RICKY D. left VISION, changed his name into PUNISHER and joined BABOONS..
  • 02.12.1989 Demo: "Abdul Khan" for Giants and Unitec Meeting (Jihad, coop with Marcus+Toby of Alphaflight)
    (note: Marcus+Toby/AFL equal New Society aka Curlin and Groepaz/VSN. 
    Dont remember wether we were in both groups or not that time :) [gpz])
    1989 - Merlin left for WWE in december.

    The 'Vision+Sire coop'

    • (13 January 1990) "Ionix Died/Ionix+Vision" announces the death of "ionix". Jive, Kreator and flash games join vision, asshole changes handle to blitzkrieg and joins x-ray. slime joins orion. duck dunn joins lotus. the "wuppertaler section" rejoins dualis. my-t-fast joins amok. event, channel-z, damion and vison join united artists. deff jeff and scoundrel leave the scene. powerdual (australia) re-joins d.a.a.s.
    1990 - Cracker Jihad (Vision was his first group) was persuaded by
    Spitfire/Action to join Action sometime in 1990. Swedes Bluez, Econ, Gryzor,
    Scooby, Status, Zagon and Zinus were all recruited from Choice around may,
    though Zinus' stay was short - he left around june. Finnish AMJ joined from
    Motion, while Tomcat joined from Exact in july.
    Vision started releasing cracks from this time on aswell...
    ??.??.1990 (?) Demo: "Prevision" released in venlo (Glasnost, Sphinx, Curlin, Groepaz)
    memberstatus: Curlin,Groepaz,plug1,luxor,came,tmm,tds,jive,bird,b28,mad butcher
    ??.??.1990 Demo: "a new vision" (Curlin)
    memberstatus: groepaz,curlin,plug1,tmm,tds,luxor,rob base,jive, mad butcher, bird,came
    ??.??.1990 Demo: "Martina" (Stubby, Gryzor, Icon)
    ??.??.1990 Demo: "The Mist" for Daniax Competition (Bird, Tgd,Glasnost)
    ??.??.1990 Demo: "Mist II" (Glasnost, Yabba, Gryzor, Sphinx)
    why "mist" ?
    * TGD-CML is proud to announce (again) that he came up with the very original "Mist" demo name ;)
    "in any case, I settled drawing a logo one day, (not being a GFX'ian) and I liked
    it so much I decided to code some "tech-tech" routine for it and other stuff,
    and then glasnost (etc) called and wanted to do some demo for the next upcoming
    party, and we agreed at a meeting previous to the party that we would call the
    demo Mist (the first Mist-demo ;)" <TGD>
    27.11.1990 Demo: "meeting demo" (Glasnost, Tgd)
    last vision denmark production

    The Breakup

    • (1990) "A Sad Moment/Vision" has some info about the death of vision and the split into light and hitmen. members that joined hitmen are: curlin, mad butcher, twf, thunder, rough, tom, slayer, plug1
    • (27 November 1990) "meeting demo/vision" note says: "one day after we made this little laame demo (?), we (vision denmark+sweden) joined - l i g t h - signed the guardian of ligth"
    1990 - Vision split up and died in
    november and december of 1990. All the good Swedish and Danish coders went
    to Light, and the entire german section joined Hitmen. WOW's "Internal #3"
    [01/91] wrote that RAF and Curlin (crack) had joined Hitmen, but in reality
    RAF never did. The mistake was cleared up in the next issue of Internal.
    Oct'1990 : VISION breaks up.
    the group split and Curlin (official leader) claimed VSN to be dead for good.
    VSN.DE -> Hitmen
    VSN.SE -> Light.SE
    VSN.DK -> Light.DK
    Dec'1990 : (at Dexion Xmas party Odense/DK)
    Light.DK -> Camelot
    members: Glasnost, Sphinx, The Guardian
    Light.SE -> some ex-VSN.SE members are kicked
    Light.DK -> members who dont join Camelot are kicked from Light.

    Sex'n'Crime 18 (August 1990)

  • hey, hey ! HEIN DESIGN and MAC MAGIX joined BLACKMAIL ! i'm curious to see the next couple of BML-demos !!
  • Fatal News 9 (30 November 1990)

  • thunder/tonic joined the dudes in vision!
  • Sex and Crime 21 (22 December 1990)

  • VISION splitted up. their good coders from denmark and sweden joined LIGHT while all the germans joined HITMEN. also DWARF of HOLOCAUST thinks about joined them.
  • 1991

    Gamers Guide 9 (22 May 1991)

  • hein design left the 64 scene!.
  • Jan'1991 : There is no VISION group since oct'1990 (according to notes from
               Curlin and mags)
    ??.??.19?? (?) Mag: "Vinews #002" (Curlin,Jihad)
    -released under the HITMEN label-
    02.01.1991 (?) Mag: "Vinews #003" (Curlin,Mad Butcher)
    -released under the HITMEN label-
    ??.01.1991 (?) Mag: "Vinews #004" (Curlin,Mad Butcher,Jihad)
    -released under the HITMEN label-
    ??.??.199? (?) Mag: "Vinews #005" (Curlin,Mad Butcher,Jihad)
    -released under the HITMEN label-
   (further hitmen history here)

    The '2nd Generation Vision' (started after Jan'1991 by ???)

    ??.??.199?  Demo: "Smokerings" (Houbba, Icon, Page)
    14.10.1991  Demo: "We can..."
    Memberstatus: (from "we can..." note:)
    Mayday, Status, Icon, Inxs, Jucke, Zagon, Houbba, Cash, Dealer, Newscopy
    ??.10.1991 Demo: "use yar illusion" (inxs, coop with rickmeister/tpf)
    ??.??.1992 Demo: "contact vision" (Cash)
    1992 - Zagon released version 6.3 of his charpacker called Visiomizer in
    ??.??.199? Demo: "kamazaike" (Inxs)
    Inxs leaves for ruthless

    The '3rd Generation Vision'

    1993 - Danish Wave joined Camelot early in the year. X-Radical joined from
    Nirvana in may. Xoss was reported as leaving the scene in may (source:
    Bodycount's "Vandalism News #10" [06/93]), which must be a mistake, since I
    have a record of him still being in vision as late october. Droves of people
    left in may; Wave joined Camelot, Scope and Midnight Mover (sysop 'ILLUSION
    OF REALITY') joined Triad, Malcom joined X-Factor, while Satan and Ray
    joined F4CG. This last one is doubtful, as they are both recorded as members
    in october... Fairlight's "Reformation #3" [06/93] carried news that the
    group had died... Dr.Jones left in october, since he was unhappy with the
    activity of Satan and the group in general.
    1993 - 'ILLUSION OF REALITY' is the oldest scene board in Sweden!
    spring 1993 - Hitmen dissolved
    ??.09.1993 Demo: "we are back!" (X-Radical)
    18.10.1993 Demo: "Leaving them" (Dr.Jones)
    ??.??.1993 (?) Demo: "in kuwait!" (curlin, coop with peacemaker/chromance)
    1994 - Zore (or Xore?, 10/93) joined Palace in september.
    [Dishy about Danish Section of Vision]:
    I  think the danish section was really cool. Satan and Ray(both ex. F4CG and Genesis Project) were some of the best quality crackers in my opinion, and I know Satan(leader danish section) really cared a lot for Vision, and did the best to make VSN no#1. And they actually was number 1 in a few quality charts, that I´ve just downloaded;-) Also they released some releases fixed by Empire and Coderz. I´ve got many of their VSN releases, and when I get the time and a transefercable, I´ll uploade their cracks, and also send them to you;-) Also Wave of Vision won the graphics-competition under the Vision label at The Party in Aars 1992.( I´m 100% sure I´ve got his masterpieces at my c64-archive - a really talented artist - just like you Hein:-) 
    Anyway, there´re still missing a lot at the homepage, but I know it takes a long time to get everything, and it´s probably a "lifetime project"
    Satan and Ferro joined VSN from Conic in early 1992. later in 1992 also Ray and Wave joined from Unicess. And Wolf/F4CG, Nigel/Contex(old coder), Zeus and Shogun both ex. X-Ray also joined in 1992, as far as I remember.. So they werealso also members of "The 2nd Generation Vision", as you call it and not the 3rd generation. Some X-Factor members joined later on in 1993, I think. 
    More update maybe later.

    after Vision

    december 1995 - Hitmen was rebuild
            former Vision Members: Jihad, Groepaz, Peacemaker, Curlin
   (further hitmen history here)
    The Guardian - still in Camelot, to be found on irc #C-64
    Dishy often on CSDB:

    current reincarnation

    HEIN became active on the C64 again some time in 2004. Mermaid joined on 14/10-2006

    Uncommented Trivia and babble

    <TGD-CML> did you code some game-previews (for vision) ? :)
    <groepaz> uhm gamepreviews for vision..... not that i knew
    <TGD-CML> I mean, gamepreviews, that VSN would "get hold of" and then crack+release :)
    <TGD-CML> once I got a gamepreview from Curlin,
    <TGD-CML> and it featured music.... MADE BY ME! LOL
    <groepaz> TGD-CML: curlin coded that stuff then probably ;=)
    <iopop> Genetix, wasnt that some xmembers of vision? got some cracks of them from 92-93 ..
    <TGD-CML> iopop >> I believe so... got some of the cracks too... from.. uhm.. cant
    remember who :)
    <Twoflower> Groepaz: You are aware of the fact that the biggest commercial
                computermag in Sweden stated that Curlin was a girl. :-)
    <TGD-CML>   groepaz >> he's a lamer :) uhm, that's probably how I ended up in VSN ;)
    <groepaz>   Twoflower: hahahahaha WHHHAAAAAT ?!?! tell me! gimme scans!!! ;=))))))
    <TGD-CML>   groepaz >> uhm, that is a general idea about curlin...
    <Twoflower> Groepaz: Yes, it's true, and he wrote quite some lines about it, like
                "Curlin swapped groups from ????? to ????? - surely an easy feat, since
                Curlin is known as the only girl in the scene, so she is welcome anywhere.". :-)
    <TGD-CML>   groepaz >> we (me and Bird/ex-VSN) bugged him about it until he sent us a
                pic of his GF, stating that he computed TOGETHER with his GF! :)
    <TGD-CML>   please extend DMz ? Dator Microz ? and Handle of Daniel Willby ? :)
    <zeroblue>  Datormagazin
    <iopop>     TGD-CML: datormagazin, Daniel Willby doenst have any known handle.. no one
                knows who he is..
    <zeroblue>  iopop: what has this Willby guy done then?
    <TGD-CML>   zeroblue >> fucked up Curlin's macho-image ;)
    <groepaz>   he really sent a picture ??? of whom ? manuela or nicole ?
    <TGD-CML>   groepaz >> nicole..
    <groepaz>   ohh
    <groepaz>   that was early then
    <groepaz>   pre ~90 or sth
    <TGD-CML>   that was *indeed* early. :) prolly 13 years old girl ;)
    <TGD-CML>   Bird told me he was gonna return it... not sure he ever did ;)
    <zeroblue>  what girls? tell me?!?!
    <TGD-CML>   ehehe... did you know her in person ?
    <TGD-CML>   zeroblue >> Curlin/ex-Vision's GF's :)
    <zeroblue>  and they were 13 years old?
    <groepaz>   sure did... we were all living in the same small village
    <TGD-CML>   zeroblue >> she looked like 13 years on the pic he sent (back in the
                late 80'es/early 90'es :)

    Demo Reviews

    1st & 2nd Party Demo Reviews (The biased ones)

    We Can... by Houbba & Icon

    This demo was the result of whatever sources we had available. For some time we had not been part of any active group and suddenly both of us could join Vision, thanks to Icon who knew a few members since earlier. Mostly old code and effects were picked up and refreshed with new logotypes suitable for the new group. As always, in a hurry, it was released with the name "We can do on our own", because a lot of people had left Vision and the coordinator Status somehow wanted the name to reflect that it didn't matter. It was still a successful demo that brought Houbba and Icon to the top five best C64-coders in Europe in some charts. Further more, "We Can" was reviewed in a Turkish computermagazine and you may read it if you wish (551x768 jpegs, about 200kb in size). Highlights are the worlds first sideborder sprites on real FLI-splits by Houbba and a very nice FLI-plasma that Icon received some hatemails for (they thought he ripped their code, how pathetic).

    Smokerings by Houbba & Icon

    Our last demo on the eternal C64. Smokerings scored an unfair second place at a meeting we've long forgotten all about. Highlights in this demo are a cool multiplexed sidebordersprite snurkelscroll by Icon, and a 128 DYXCP experiment by Houbba.

    Legalize It by Tsm, Hph & Shock.

    Vision's first demo, after the three of us left Orion and started our own demogroup Vision. Tsm came up with the name Vision, and soon he started programming some extra parts for a new demo. It had to be a demo made for Orion, but we left that group before the demo was finished. Music in the demo was supplied, do not tell anybody, by Mr. Decibel of Orion, and he got them from Charles Deenen. So, actually, some music, like Gaplus Preview, had not been released at that time. The music contributed alot to the power of the demo, especially to the jury at the WWE party I guess. Some sids we did not use, mainly because they took alot of processortime. Ala Gal I believe.. Very nice piece of music, but wow.. the vibos are kicking in. -Intro is the main Vision intro, with bubbling stars and bubbling music by Mon. The intro contains a neat bouncing logo on top, gfxed by Tsm, and a presentation text about the demo in a starfield tells us what demo you're about to see. Below on the screen is a rasterbar with the everlasting scroll reminding us to press space and have fun. -First part shows colourfull moving rasters, with a vertical band moving in a smooth sinus with rasters in them. The band is made of sprites. So.. rasters in a sprite band, on a raster background. A timing thingy. The sprites are not moving over 255. The sinus is very smooth and has a nice increase and decrease in the speed. As if it moves in the wind. A scrolly on top tells us what this part(y) is all about. -Second part of the demo is a Fid routine, with nicely coloured rasters underneath a big blue Vision logo. The emulator shows well on 640x480. Awell.. I did not count the nops.. or what was that, half nop?? Tsm has been taking his time to get the rasters perfect, moving the screen on the monitor from left to right. Mr. Cursor was the one being the first to do a Fld routine with rasters underneath. He called it Fid. I believe the trick was to fix the rasters just perfect in the sideborders aswell. The color-chars thrue the logo are kinda nice still, flashy and simpel. A starfield made of sprites with a 4x4 scroll on top finishes this part. -Third part is a very nice part, with a large scroll that seems to be bitmap. It's not, ofcourse, its a rastertrick again. The font is divided into 3 layers of raster, I think, or 2, :) and the rasters switch the color in horizontal way. Simple trick, but quite effective. Allthough, if the graphics were difrent, the effect would have shown better. That's what has been spoking in my head ever since it has been made. Anyway, the font is still one of my personal favourites, it's the same as used in part 1, only very big. A techtech Vision logo in the middle shows that it's still a Vision demo. Tsm wanted to program a tech-tech and it ended in this part. I do not remember who was the first to do techtech, but it was hot at that time. The planet-gfx are stolen from Netherworld, a very nice game, with neat graphics and great music by Yip. We converted the planet into sprites and Tsm coded it into that part aswell. -Fourth part is a mirror effect, made with Fld and sprites. It was the simplest solution to an idea that we had. Below a beach-air font scroller with difrent speeds, there is a rastersplit. I do not know how it's made, by my gues it's just a rastersplit moving from left to right. Rastersplit was one of the things Tsm wanted to create. He just loved sinusses, so he put in a sinus. -Fifth part has a very nice sinus-dot(line) scroll. I guess Tsm had a go on making a big sinus scroll after he saw a dycp? I think he thought that stretching the dycp is more impressive. The logo below is quite nice, with backlit mountains, and a logo behind them lit from below, giving the impression that the light is comming from the valley behind the mountains. Actually, it's just 2 pieces of graphics glued together, not thinking about the consequenses of lighting. When I see it back, it gives some extra depth to the logo. Awell, 2 lightsources are not all that hard. Great music by Jeroen again, Cybernoid 2. The game had just been released and that music was just so impressive, that we had to use it. -Sixth part shows a big ambitious logo and a very nice half sinus-scroll. The scroll is made in bitmap, rol rol rol, I think, so there's not much time left for the rest of the screen. The sprites try to finnish the part, but they're one detail too many. Still a great technical piece for that time. The music is one that does not take too much time. By Jeroen Tel. (hein)

    See Ya... by Tsm, Hph & Shock.

    Tsm's last (he thought) demo on C64 because he had seen the Amiga light. A delight for programmers when they are used to 6502. The demo consists of an intro and a main part. The intro is the main Vision intro. The main part has a mirror-effect as seen on Amiga, only programming it on Amiga was a bit easier, with the built-in processor-friendly coppers. On C64 its a nice piece of programming, quite nifty at that time, and the 2 logos are simple, but I do not know why it's not just one big logo. Maybe one is an instance of the other. The scroll below is a standard big scrollroutine, with a weird 'n spacy blue font. The music is by Jeroen Tel, Savage level 3 I guess. Cool hi-pass filtering. (hein)

    Back, no Way by Tsm, Hph.

    A plot routine that had not been used yet, so I wanted to put a little demo around it. The plotroutine is quite nice, with late removal of the plots. The movement increases n decreases making weird shapes. Unfortunately, on top of the plotroutine are 8 balls moving in a sinus-circle shape. They move a tad too fast. Below it is a 4x4 scroll with a Rambo font. Just one of those things a gfx-dude likes to draw. The music is again by Jeroen Tel, Savage level 2. I remember we had found the tune seperately on the Mr. Decibel disk. I think it's slightly difrent than the sid used in Savage. (hein)

    Bugger All. by Tsm, Hph.

    A sound-analizer routine also something Tsm had not used in any demo yet but I liked the routine. The music is 'Spijkerhoek' by 20CC, with very nice instruments. Spijkerhoek was a Dutch soapseries at that time. The analizer is quite weird actually, because the parameters are inverted. Still, very funny to see music-routine parameters move in an analizer kinda way. It was about, how many analizers can you code? Ofcourse, it's not a real analizer. Below the analizer we see a standard 4x4 scrollroutine, with an Orc-inspired font. Underneath the scroll, that contains weird text by Hph, there is a big n colourfull Vision logo. From a gfx-dude point of view, it's practical joke about how to use bitmap in a controlled manner, unlike the Koala/Amicapaint colourclashes seen at that time. Made in Paintmagic, which has a built in feature to control the 2 bitmap colours by yourself, instead of letting the machine decide. Unfortunately, the nibble colours cannot be changed, only afterwards by poking them urself. Erik/Density programmed a paint-programm like Painmagic for Tlr/Density and me to be able to control the nibblecolours as well. Later, Robert Tan/Bml showed his stunning graphics in Micro-Illustrator which has been my favourite programm ever since. On top of the logo the Tsm slogan 'Born 2 B Cool' is bouncing in a sinus. A small dycp in sprites. Used in Snazzy/Hsp as well. (hein)

    Amiga Breakdown. by Tsm, Hph.

    I had made a very big Vision logo, because I felt like prestige. With a very handy editor, I forgot which one, I tried to make the biggest logo possible. :D I used all 256 chars to built the logo. Then ofcourse, it has to scroll, very unhandy of me, but else you cannot see the complete logo. Tsm programmed the big scroll, with a very nice sinus, making it a smooth mutherfucker. He put bars on top and below to frame the logo so to say. The bouncing scroll on top of the logo is made of stretched sprites, with a techno font. The scroll dances nicely with the great music by Jeroen Tel from Navy Moves. A great composition. (hein)

    3rd Party Demo Reviews

    Legalise It (1988, 17.10, Multifile Demo).

    code: TSM, gfx: HPH, music: various. Winner of the MGF + JOY + WWE Copy-Party demo competition! review from scenery64:

    "LI" is an uneven demo, which shines more than it rusts, and is easily the best demo from 1988 I have seen. It's a multi-part demo, where the first part you load serves as an intro of sorts, and once you press space you are given a choice of loading any of the six other parts in the demo. None of these load further after viewing, but each can be loaded and executed individually. All code was done by TSM and all graphics by HPH, while the music is likely all ripped - and only with the correct credits given in two of the overall seven parts. After the intro, which is nothing spectacular, we will review each of the subsequent parts with their numbers as given in the selector:

    part 1 - We can assign no other name to this than tech-texh raster. It features rasterbars over large portions of the screen, while the middle features what seems like a 'band', don't know if it was done with rastersplits or whatever, but this band at least waves in a tech-tech like fashion. Music by Maniacs of Noise.

    part 2 - This one is nicely designed: the top half is occupied by a bouncing Vision logo with colors going through it, in a neon-light-like fashion. This is done over rasterbars, with a scroller over a starfield on the lower half of the screen.

    part 3 - This is the first 'wow' part, as it features a BIG colorful scroller at the top of the screen. Beneath this a blue Vision logo is given the tech-tech treatment, and below that again a blue planet travels from side to side.

    part 4 - This is rather unspectacular, with a VSN logo moving around the screen while exploding and imploding into itself... Below this is a scroller overlaid on a single rastersplit.

    part 5 - The best part technically, we suspect, this one brings a huge, big dotscroller top the top half of the screen! Vision sprites are bouncing around, and a great Vision-in-the-mountains logo rests at the bottom of the screen. I *KNOW* that music is on the tip of my tongue, but I just can't seem to remember who did it... =[

    part 6 - The concluding part has the text 'VISION NO.1' pressed across the bottom two thirds of the screen, done in the same font as used for the large scroll in part 3. In addition, this graphics piece moves slightly from side to side. A scroller at the top of the screen has a 'pseudo-sine- scroll' effect, in that it kind of changes level half-way across the screen... oh just download and watch, and you'll know what I mean! =)

    What makes "Legalise It" a cut above the rest, is the good (for its time) graphics, the sense of design and the very cool coding expressed in parts like the dotscroller. It's simply just a cut above the others, and that is what makes it just a little special. They mention in the scroller (in the intro I think) that this was their first demo. [glenn]


    Some Party, in Oosterhout? VF/AFL party?

    Remember that Vision released Megademo 2 (amiga) there. Porn Movie, hard dick, Jungle Command, and sum guy being way too macho on us sweet teenagers. Haha. Was it u?

    Prime '90 Vision-Active-Aces party Tilburg Netherlands 1990. Boerke Mutsearts Party Centre. Felt quite big sitting on the podium. :D Anyways. Maybe Remi Ebus/Remark fell in love with me there too, being invited on the podium. So, hence the Kramer. Mmmm, MicroDemo by Vision released. A little meeting was arranged at our place to fix the demoparts together and so on. Quite sattisfying result. One of my favourite Vision demos, since its made by 3 programmers, 3 gfx artists and 2 musicians working together as a small team, on a one file demo.

    Mirage Party Tilburg. Prime somenumber??

    Arranged by Vision too?? I do not remember.

    Sum party in Rotterdam?

    Release of Breakdown/Vision made by Slash.

    Vision & Sharks party Frankfurt/Mainz? Germany 1989? Vision Germany has started there, with Mark Paddock (A very nice guy, who invited me over to visit the Vision party, even paying for the trip, I feel ashamed thinking about it afterwards. You'll definately get the money back if we meet. Big respect to him and his nice parents for inviting me over at that time. What used to be his handle?), Curlin (I remember him to be a Bros fan at that time, and looking a bit like one of the Bros) and Jihad (with his kewl darkgrey car) I'm curious about this link.

    WCC (1989-1992)

    Waalwijkse Computer Club. A meeting arranged every month by Facet's (Martijn van Meel) father. A backbone in Vision's life. Thanks!! Also, Desire, Mirage, Silicon (C64), Mirage visited this meeting alot. Especcially very good contact with Dennis (whats his handle again) of Silicon. Actually, his fascination for light shows in his demos with lotsa flashy n shiny colours, and in his work he's done later in life: lighting of a disco.

    OCC (1986?-199?)

    Oosterhout Computer Club. A meeting arranged by some people, where most demogroups of the Dutch province Noord-Brabant came together and be nerdish for a day. Groups that visited OCC often: Cool Crew & Prime (put together they make Density), Vision, Judges, Scoop, Orion, The Dutches, Silicon LTD, BWB, Twilight, Riffs and lots more freakish people making demos.

    Venlo Meeting (1985?-199?)

    Every month arranged by the Courbois family (a small caring mom, and 2 big brothers). I believe they had bought it from other people. Before Courbois this was the centre of the Dutch demo/cwakking scene. Big groups have fought their battles over there. No-one won, only Commodore. Then Courbois took over, and the so-called elite was no more. Smaller groups showed their skills, and old groups carried their respect with or without dignity. Still, it stayed THE C64 meeting in Netherlands.

    RadWar parties

    I've only visited it once in it's dulling days. Mad (Density) and me had a very long walk getting there. Geeee... anyhow, where was the computerroom?? hehe. This must have been a great annual party. Search for a link.

    Joy-MGF-WWE party Veenendaal NL 1988

    I still feel this to be the best cpu-party I've been to. Old youth-house with dark rooms, and we searched around and found lotsa artistic paintings, props, and stuff. Mmmm, the best place to show our teen-frust, coz it was an anarchistic place. Before this party there had been a small party in Veenendaal too. Arranged by WWE. It was a warming up for the one to follow. Small n cozy. First met TDJ/Focus there. He has been a member of WWE at that time.

    Dexion Party Denmark 1990?

    Big trip with a van of 9 people?? Very nice adventure for a teenager. Luckily no-one had a crush on me. :D Facet, TSM, Stingray, Timelord, Jos, Vector, Slash, Hein.

    Anarchy Party Derby/UK 1992?

    Small party, traveling with Facet to meet up with dudes from Anarchy (Dan, Nuke, Danish guy), visit their working place Core Design, and visit the Anarchy party. Great stuff. Those people had to work hard for deadlines, still kept on making demos. That's the spirit. Sigh.. Thanks to Nuke for having the impression that my dubieduw module was cool enuf to win 1st price at the music-compo. I won a 1st price plate. A nice token for a crappy tune.

    Party somenumber Denmark 1993?

    Big trip with a van of 6 people? Also, another adventure. With spacecake, and marihuana which the people at that party did not like, so we smoked it in the van. ugh. Facet, Ramon B5, Ardy, Cool dude with big forehead, Mario van Zeist, Hein Very impressive party. Extremely big hall with lotsa ants.

    Silicon Party 1991?

    Lemme seeeeee... First party was a small one?? I did not visit. Second one was a bigger one, with groups like Focus, Silicon, TRC, Orion, House Design, Scoop?, Union?.. i dunno. I remember that we at Blackmail wanted to release Dutch Breeze at this party, but it was not finished, or bug-free so to say. So we released a preview version, being good enuf to win the demo-contest. Cheers, mates!! Great party coz it thrilled me bones to see our demo not really being all that stable. hehe. Third party I visited too, I guess. I do not know. or, we won at the third party and I visited the 2nd n 3th party.

    X-parties 1996, 1999, 2000?

    Guess I've visited 3 of these X parties. Allthough I have been bored with computers for a long time, really, dull pixels n shit, still very nice to meet old friends. THE motivators of the Dutch C64 Scene after the Commodore rebels fell on their knees for Emperor Bill the 1st.