Volcanic 2

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01-04.03  Volcanic Party 2.
VOL96 was held in France by Mentasm. Competitions were held mixed, with
amiga, pc and atari falcon entries competing against each other. Antony won
the graphics competition for the second year in a row!

· Results from file marked 'Volcanic Party 2 (96), Results:'.
· Results from file marked 'Volcanic 96 results'.

demo    1.  Eclipse "Magic Biniou" (pc, DX4-100).
        2.  Anarchy "Exine" (pc, DX4-100).
        3.  Saturne "Mambo" (amiga, 030-50Mhz).

intro   1.  Fatal Justice "Velvet".
        2.  Just For Fun "Rest in Peace".
        xx. Dentifrice "Girl".
        xx. Aphelie.

gfx     1.  Antony/Dreamdealers (am) and Pulse (pc) "Blok".
        2.  Krabob/Mankind "Born to Burn".
        3.  Twix/Fatal Design "Bouffon".

raytrac 1.  Denethor "Atrium".
        2.  SHK/Mentasm "Dark City".

rayanim 1.  NTSC/Cherry Earth "Axis".
        2.  Hastur "Comet".

4chmus  1.  Cash/Mentasm "Highway's Echoes".
        2.  Axel/Just For Fun "Alexise".
        3.  FX/Playmobil "Lost In Space".

multich 1.  Hillscan "Strike".
        2.  Axel/Just For Fun "Arbra Choset ki pu".
        3.  Gatekeeper/Just For Fun "Rebrimas".

wild    1.  Saturne.
        2.  Hastur "Ooups".