World of Commodore '94

From ExoticA
05-06.11  World of Commodore 94.
WOC94 was held in Cologne, Germany during the World Of Commodore Exhibition,
party was arranged by Coma on the 6th of november.

demo    1.  Infect "Do You Believe".
        xx. Sector 7 "Xybernection".

am40k   1.  Abyss "Return of the Space Cowboys".
        xx. Phantasm "Party Intro".

music   1.  Humanoid/Prophethy "Humcoma".
        2.  Keith/Delight "Trailcmp".
        3.  Rico/Phantasm "I love It".
        4.  Laxical/Scoopex "Walls Of J.".
        5.  Chris/OBS "Tales of a Dream".
        6.  Virgill/TRSI "Warhead's Beast".
        7.  Control/TRSI "I Stay Witzh My Mom".
            Psycho/Tritec "Milka Is Cool".
        xx. Pink/Abyss "Returnofthespaceegg".
        xx. DJ Mellow Noise/Infect "Psycho Minding".

other   Abyss "Disissid #2" (amiga).
        Shoot "Party Slideshow".
        Syndicate "Impression Of Love 1".
        TRSI "Artifice" (amiga demo).