X 2001

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     .11  X 2001.
X01 was held in Holland for the c64 scene, and was the year's major event
for that scene. 64ever's 2nd-placed demo was not released at the party, and
it would last almost a year before it was.

64demo  1.  Resource "Spoiled Legacy".
        2.  64ever "Insomnia".
        3.  Fairlight and Damage "Drop the Basics".

64gfx   1.  Electric/Extend "Olatunji".
        2.  JailBird/Tempest/Padua/Onslaught "The Little Prince's Last
        3.  Katon/Lepsi De "Gloom Warrior 2".

64music 1.  GRG/Shape/Protovision "Electronic Transfer".
        2.  Agemixer/Scallop & CreaMD/Dmagic "National Park Grave Danger".
        3.  VIP/Role/WOW/Padua/64ever/CZP "Varsity".

intro remakes
        1.  Padua "Trilight".
        2.  Booze Design "Starion Intro".

ik plus gold game compo
        1.  Ninja/The Dreams.

wild    1.  Raiders "Dual Head".

other   Booze Design "Arte Royale final" (c64 demo).
        Onslaught "Vandalism News #36" (c64 diskmag).