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X-Mas Goo-Goo II (1996, .12, ECS Musicfile)

Review by Glenn Lunder

A chippack that requires 3mb of memory and recommends a 030-50? I thought they were kidding, but apparently they weren't. Anyway, some of the chippies are OK, so I advise them to loose the coder and painter and get Buzzer some better people to work with. 030 for a chipper? Jeez...
tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.

Broken Promises (1997, 07.06, AGA 8MB Multifile)

Review by Glenn Lunder

Zenon, with all due respect, I'm sure this is cutting edge 3D and everything, but how about something a little more exciting? Something with a little more tempo, something with a little originality? You see, BP fails to excite me. I'm sitting there watching your demo, and I'm not feeling the adrenaling rush I got watching Artwork's "Phi" just 10 minutes ago. You know? That genuine demo enthusiasm kind of feeling; saying to yourself 'damn, this is GOOD.' I can see Mare's competence as a coder, but please - that bumpmap routine was just plain ugly! I'm not condemning you here, just trying to convey my feelings. Keep making demos, Zenon, you're on the right track...you're just not quite there yet.
Broken Promises is a RISKY name to choose for your demo! As anyone who knows a little demo mythology will tell you, "Broken Promises" was to be the Sanity demo to end all demos, but in the end proved to be nothing more than an airship: a rumour filled with nothing. For a while though (and this was at the hight of Chaos' popularity) everyone was waiting for "Broken Promises" - the demo to end all demos. This sort of reminds me of the "Enigma 2" fake by Anal Intruders at The The Gathering '94 :)
tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0.