Zoo '98

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04-06.12  Zoo 98.
ZOO98 was held in Tampere, Finland for the c64 scene only! It seems all
attendants had a good time, with lots of laughter and fun. The official "Sex
Games Finnish Open" was also arranged, and Tempest/Damage took home the
first price :) Damage's second-place demo was not released at the party, due
to its unfinished state. The group promise to release it in the near future.

· Results and info from resultfile by Vent/Damage*Zms (c64).
· Results from file marked '.x( ZOO'98 (4-6.12.1998) OFFICIAL RESULTS )x.'.

64demo  1.  Extend "Orangi."
        2.  Damage "Shaft Preview" (not released).
        3.  PU-239 "Roots".
        4.  Scallop "Polar".
        5.  PSTK "Fst".
        6.  Padua "Partyscroller".

64demo basic
        1.  Bruce Leroy/Ninja Gefilus (NGFL) "Cyberchrist".
        2.  Bruce Leroy/Ninja Gefilus (NGFL) "Politiikka".
        3.  Dekadence "Puke".
        4.  Tekomuna-Mintto/Ninja Gefilus (NGFL) "Mikropasi+".
        5.  Yleisradio "Otsararta".
        6.  Pillunkantuteline/Ninja Gefilus (NGFL) "Kristus".
        7.  Allybatmobeal+Cock Norris/Ninja Gefilus (NGFL) "Limppademo".

gfx     1.  Electric/Extend "Happea".
        2.  Decor8 "China Roses".
        3.  Adam/DCS "Taikasormi".
        4.  Poison/Singular "New Ray of Light".
        5.  Tempest/Damage "Plan 10 from Loonie-Bin".
        6.  Britelite/Dekadence (DKD) "Smile".
        7.  RZB/Damage "Naisen Paeae".
        8.  Agemixer/Scallop "Crystal Waters".
        9.  Smirk/Damage "Hepo".

music   1.  Abaddon/Damage "Elastic".
        2.  AMJ/Side B "Thrust Me".
        3.  Vent+Abaddon/Damage "Oakanut Mainen".
        4.  Agemixer/Scallop "GSM-Interrupt".
        5.  Barracuda/Extend "Unfinished Trip".
        6.  Tempest/Damage "G-Oldie".
        7.  Britelite/DKD "Shortmenutune5".
        8.  Thor/Extend "CD-Karpo aka Compact Dick".
        9.  Agemixer/Scallop "Kummatti City".

        1.  Electric/Extend.
        2.  Tempest+RZB/Damage.
        3.  Hirmu Valtias/Hirmu.
        4.  Duce/Extend.
        5.  Pillunkantoteline/Ninja Gefilus (NGFL).

karaoke 1.  Baldis/Damage.
        2.  Qawoo/Coma.
        3.  Charly/Essex+Damage.
        4.  Hirmukuoro.
        5.  Wrec+Psyko/Zymosis.
        6.  Da Hirmu Duo.
        7.  Charly+SolarC/Essex.

wild    1.  Bandwagon "Merituulen Karaisema" (msx demo).
        2.  Vompatti Videoprods "Paha Kamera" (music video).
        3.  Ninja Gefilus (NGFL) "Lust in the Fast Lane" (porno trailer!)
        4.  Ninja Gefilus (NGFL) "Napsahdus" (top secret :)