AMFM Diskmag 17

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AM/FM Magazine Disk #17


Cover Art? Not really, just a big advert!
  • Review of Power Computing's Mini MIDI Interface
  • RBF Software's big OctaMED Music Competition
  • Technical Dimensions seek Amiga musicians to record a CD!
  • A functional Arexx reference for Deluxe Music 2
  • South Africa - Politics, Amigas and music
  • Tutorial: Orchestrating with MIDI
  • Join the Craft Bros. in studio recording material for a CD
  • Tutorial: Protracker/OctaMED Studio, Part 5
  • Memoirs of a (skint) home recordist, Part 2
  • General MIDI - why, what, and how great is it really?
  • Video Killed The Radio Star?
  • Complete Guide to all MIDI messages, controllers, etc.
  • Basement Tapes & "ED" tapes reviewed:
    • Olaf "Raven" Rabe: "Music for the movies" (review and picture)
    • Steve Charlton: "Haven" (review and picture)
    • Various artists: "The Dream is Just Beginning" (review and picture)
  • PD Music Disk reviews:
    • Rob Baxter: The Music Royal Fireworks
  • CD Reviews:


  • MIDIPlay v1.2b
    • Enhanced CLI/WB MIDI-file Player
  • RexxMMD v1.1
    • OctaMED by Arexx
  • Action Ripper 2
    • The latest and best ripper yet
  • Korg 01/W Wavestation driver for Blue Ribbon's "Patchmeister"
  • Oscillograph
    • Very nice graphic display of sounds

Amiga-only Music

MIDI Music

  • Third Movement Moonlight Sonata (arr: Terry Delaney)
  • African Jam (arr: Terry Delaney)
  • On The Street (arr: Terry Delaney)
  • O Holy Night (arr: Terry Delaney)
  • Woodway (arr: Terry Delaney)
  • Chez Mimi: (arr: Aarno Yliselä)
  • 2nd English Suite Bouree (arr: Aarno Yliselä)
  • New Bach Special! (arr: Aller Persson)
    • Air On A G-String
    • Andante
    • Bouree
    • Concerto
    • Gavottes
    • Minuet
    • Prelude
    • Sarabande
    • Toccata in D-Maj


  • amfm17.dms - AM/FM Issue 17 (DiskMasher format) - 677KB