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See Bjørn Lynne/Interview for an interview with Bjørn Lynne.
Bjørn Lynne
photo of Bjørn Lynne

Photo courtesy of Bjørn Lynne.
Handle(s) Dr. Awesome

Solo Albums

Montage (album cover)
Decade (album cover)
Quiet Places (album cover)
Year Album Comments
1994 Montage Bjørn's second album, self-financed and self-published.
1995 Dreamstate Bjørn's third album.
1996 Witchwood Bjørn's fourth album.
1997 The Void Bjørn's fifth album. It is a concept album about a space trip that went horribly wrong.
1997 Decade Bjørn's sixth album, which also contains a data track with a collection of all the music that 'Dr.Awesome' has done in various computer formats.
1998 Wizard of the Winds Bjørn's seventh album.
1999 Revive Bjørn's eighth solo album, featuring re-arranged and re-recorded brand new versions of some of the 'hits' from his early years.
2000 Wolves of the Gods Bjørn's ninth solo album.
2002 Colony Bjørn's tenth solo album, dedicated to all the brave visionaries who work in the field of research and planning into human colonization of other planets.
2003 Return to Witchwood Bjørn's eleventh solo album.
2004 Statement Bjørn's twelfth solo album, featuring 10 groovy instrumental tracks with elements of jazz, funk, lounge, acid jazz, rock and downtempo electronica, and 4 vocal tracks featuring guest vocalist Eco-Mcz doing a laidback rap, scat, song combination.
2004 Soothe Bjørn's thirteenth solo album, also released as a DVD with 5.1 audio.
2006 Beneath Another Sky Bjørn's fourteenth solo album.
2008 Quiet Places Bjørn's fifteenth solo album, which was composed and produced in his home town of Stavern, Norway, photos of which are featured on the inlay.
2008 Irish & Celtic Instrumentals Bjørn's sixteenth solo album is a collection of 12 Irish & Celtic traditional favorites performed as "beautiful & tasteful instrumental arrangements".

Collaborative Albums

hOBbiTs & SpACesHipS (album cover)
Power Liquids (album cover)
Year Album Comments
1992 hOBbiTs & SpACesHipS Bjørn's first ever album, with elements of instrumental sci-fi rock, fantasy music, new-age and melodic synthesizer music.
1999 Immortal This album features studio versions of Amiga game soundtracks, one of which was performed by Bjørn.
2003 Power Liquids This album was a collaboration between Divinorum and Aural Planet. Divinorum is Bjørn's pseudonym for trance/techno music.
2006 Immortal 3 The third in the series, which again features studio versions of Amiga game soundtracks, one of which was performed by Bjørn.
2006 Undercover A 14-track album composed and produced in cooperation with Adam Skorupa (aka "Skorpic"). The music on this album was inspired by crime thrillers and spy films.

Music in the UnExoticA collection


Game Comments Year Team / Publisher
Airline 1993
Alien Breed 3D 1995 Team17 / Team17
Alien Breed 3D (CD³²) 1995 Team17 / Ocean
Brat 1991 Tarann, Foursfield / Image Works
Cubulus 1991 Software 2000 / Software 2000
Drivin' Force 1990 Digital Magic Software / Digital Magic Software
Escape from Colditz 1990 Digital Magic Software / Digital Magic Software
Fantastic Voyage 1991 Centaur Software / Centaur Software
Final Over 1995 Alan Carter / Team17
Kasei Vallis 1993
Project-X Game Completion 1992 Team17 / Team17
Qwak 1993 Team17
Shanghai 1993
Super Obliteration 1993 David Papworth / Public Domain
Worms - The Director's Cut 1997 Team17 / Ocean
Worms (CD³²) 1995 Team17 / Ocean


Demo Comments Year Group / Party
No Bjørn Lynne demo music in the archive
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