Wolves of the Gods

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Wolves of the Gods
Wolves of the Gods album cover.
Studio album by Bjørn Lynne
Year Published 2000
Genre Electronic
Length 1:11:55
Producer Bjørn Lynne
Catalogue No. CYCL 076

Wolves of the Gods was Bjørn Lynne's ninth solo album.

Track Listing

(Album preview)

  1. Prologue: To Dream of Wolves (Track preview)
  2. Demon Moon (Track preview)
  3. Shapechanger (Track preview)
  4. Leiria - Lips or Sword (Track preview)
  5. The Ghost Warriors of Caluz (Track preview)
  6. The Spirit Rider (Track preview)
  7. Palimak's Revenge (Track preview)
  8. Kyrania (Track preview)
  9. Queen Hantilia (Track preview)
  10. The Beckoning Sea (Track preview)
  11. Epilogue: Safar's Song (Track preview)

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