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Colony album cover.
Studio album by Bjørn Lynne
Year Published 2002
Genre Electronic
Length 1:06:33
Producer Bjørn Lynne
Catalogue No. LYNCD010

Colony was Bjørn Lynne's tenth solo album, dedicated to all the brave visionaries who work in the field of research and planning into human colonization of other planets. The album also features an 8-page booklet of sci-fi artwork by Tobias Richter.

Track Listing

(Album preview)

  1. Messages (06:54) (Track preview)
  2. Endless Possibilities (07:20) (Track preview)
  3. Hyperdrive Stimuli (05:39) (Track preview)
  4. No Looking Back (05:21) (Track preview)
  5. Ruins of an Alien Civilization (02:43) (Track preview)
  6. Mind of the Visionary (08:21) (Track preview)
  7. Ypsilon (01:57) (Track preview)
  8. Neuralnet (03:58) (Track preview)
  9. Faces pf Fatality (10:03) (Track preview)
  10. Crystal Vista (04:39) (Track preview)
  11. One Step To Paradise (09:37) (Track preview)

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