Power Liquids

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Power Liquids
Power Liquids album cover.
Studio album by Divinorum vs Aural Planet
Year Published 2003
Genre Electronic
Length 1:03:37
Producer Bjørn Lynne and Aural Planet
Catalogue No. LYNCD012

Power Liquids was a collaboration between Divinorum and Aural Planet. Divinorum is Bjørn Lynne's pseudonym for trance/techno music.

Track Listing

(Album preview)

  1. Call To Ancestors (Track preview)
  2. The Extract (Track preview)
  3. Luv's Frequency Spectrum (Track preview)
  4. The Next Step (Track preview)
  5. Call To Ancestors (Warp-4 mix) (Track preview)
  6. Trailblazer (Track preview)
  7. Mile High Club (Track preview)
  8. Are You Human? (Track preview)
  9. Liquid Incense (Track preview)
  10. Exposure (Track preview)

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