Decade (album)

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Decade album cover.
Studio album by Bjørn Lynne
Year Published 1997
Genre Electronic
Length 55:46
Producer Bjørn Lynne as 'Dr. Awesome'
Catalogue No. S17CD001

Decade was Bjørn Lynne's sixth solo album. The album also contains a data track with a collection of all the music that 'Dr.Awesome' has done in various computer formats. Hundreds of MOD files, MIDI files, OctaMED files, Fasttracker files, near-CD quality MP3 music, RealAudio music, etc.

Track Listing

  1. (data track)
  2. Squish! (Track preview)
  3. Earthchild (Track preview)
  4. Mekanix (Track preview)
  5. Skinny Dipping (Track preview)
  6. It's a Breeze (Track preview)
  7. It's That Time Again (Track preview)
  8. The Mist (Track preview)
  9. Blown (Track preview)
  10. Stale Socks (Track preview)
  11. Hyperride II (Track preview)
  12. Bridge to the Universe, part 3 (Track preview)
  13. More Than Meets The Eye (Track preview)

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