The Void

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The Void
The Void album cover.
Studio album by Bjørn Lynne
Year Published 1997
Genre Electronic
Length 1:13:11
Producer Bjørn Lynne
Catalogue No. CYCL 051

The Void was Bjørn Lynne's fifth solo album. It is a concept album about a space trip that went horribly wrong.

Track Listing

(Album preview)

  1. Into the Void (Track preview)
  2. All Life is One, part 3 (Track preview)
  3. Electroglow (Track preview)
  4. Dar Shan (Track preview)
  5. On the Edge? (Track preview)
  6. Truth or Sanity? part 3 (Track preview)
  7. Relentless (Track preview)
  8. Signals (Track preview)
  9. Who Knows (Track preview)
  10. The Nothing (Track preview)

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