Quiet Places

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Quiet Places
Quiet Places album cover.
Studio album by Bjørn Lynne
Year Published 2008
Genre Electronic
Length 46:00
Producer Bjørn Lynne
Catalogue No. LYNCD018

Quiet Places was Bjørn Lynne's fifteenth solo album, which was composed and produced in his home town of Stavern, Norway, photos of which are featured on the inlay.

There is something melancholic, comforting about [Stavern, Norway], especially in the sleepy winter season, and I have tried to bring that into this music.

The tracks on this album were composed over quite a long period of time, from 2005 until late 2007. I decided from the beginning to work on this project only when I really felt like it. I didn't want to approach it as a "job", something to be finished within a time frame. Instead, I only worked on it when I was in the mood for it and it f=elt natural and right. That made it a slow, but enjoyable process. Thanks for listening!
- Bjørn Lynne

Track Listing

  1. Ambient Singularity #1
  2. Deep Secrets Theme
  3. Kaleidoscope
  4. Fairy Winds
  5. Deep Secrets Mystery
  6. Solnatt
  7. Deep Secrets - The Shadow
  8. Reunion
  9. Deep Secrets - New Beginnings
  10. Waiting
  11. Deep Secrets - Bittersweet
  12. Dream Bell
  13. Deep Secrets - Love Letters
  14. Azure
  15. Deep Secrets - Love Promise
  16. Sea

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