Hobbits & Spaceships

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hOBbiTs & SpACesHipS
hOBbiTs & SpACesHipS album cover.
Studio album by Bjørn Lynne & Seppo Hurme
Year Published 1992
Genre Electronic
Length 59:27
Producer Bjørn Lynne & Seppo Hurme
Catalogue No. DENS CD001

hOBbiTs & SpACesHipS was Bjørn Lynne's first ever album, with elements of instrumental sci-fi rock, fantasy music, new-age and melodic synthesizer music.

Track Listing

  1. Dimminuendo
  2. Sword of the Past
  3. Beam Me Up
  4. A New Age
  5. Space Train
  6. Graveyard
  7. Mikael - Lost in the Woods
  8. Space Deliria
  9. Wave of Aliens
  10. Fell Breeze over Rôhan
  11. Cosmic Winds

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