Final Over

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Final Over
Final Over screenshot
Composer(s) Bjørn Lynne
Team(s) Alan Carter
Publisher(s) Team17
Music Format(s) Protracker
Year published 1995

Final Over is an unpublished Amiga game written by Alan Carter that was supposed to be published by Team17 in 1995.

Regarding this unpublished game Martyn Brown writes, "We had a cricket game in development that looked like Sensible Soccer, only Cricket. Basically the developer went AWOL (it was in the days of freelance) and never had the bottle to finish it. It was pretty good too, just not finished enough to publish! Alan Carter was his name. I called his home once to ask his whereabouts and his Dad said, "Ooh, sorry mate, I think he's ****ing you around, he's a waste of time". A shame really, it would have sold well in the UK".

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Download archive Game/Lynne_Bjorn/Final_Over.lha
The additional comments in the modules have been added by Gryzor, who must have included these on one of his CDs at some point. Ah well, it's better than nothing!

Filename File Size Composer Game Year Team / Publisher
File List Indent v2.png mod.t17-final-congrats 147662 Bjørn Lynne Final Over 1995 Alan Carter / Team17
File List End v2.png mod.t17-final-intro 61118 Bjørn Lynne Final Over 1995 Alan Carter / Team17
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