AMFM Diskmag 2

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AM/FM Magazine Disk #2


Cover Art.
  • Complete Jarre discography
  • Music theory: Chords, part 1
  • Review: Dr.T's XOR Generic synth editor
  • New Music-X synth editor protocols
  • Review: Boss DR-550 drum machine
  • MIDI competitions at conferences?
  • How to get the most from Music-X, part 1
  • The MED tutorial, part 1
  • Review: Sound Source's Korg M1 Film Texture collection
  • Prince gossip
  • News report from Amiga Symposium Oslo 1991
  • Latest news from Korg; the Wavestation A/D tested
  • About the further development of ProTracker


  • MIDICom v1.36
    • MIDI tool performing several tasks such as a BPM/ms calculator, a MIDI test panel, Song Credits handling and more.
  • MFT
    • Converts MIDI files to text files for printing etc.
  • VcEd Yamaha DS-55 voice editor
    • Sound editing for your Yamaha DS-55 made easy
  • FixModule
    • Prevents danger of system crashes when using Noise/Protracker modules

MIDI Music

  • "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins
  • "Father's Song" by Prince
  • "Simple El-Piano Piece" by Bjørn A. Lynne
  • "Autoplay" MIDI recording of keyboard demonstration mode

Amiga-only Music

  • "Organic Dreams" by Anders Hamre & Kim Jensen / Decibel Desperados
  • "Session" by Bjørn A. Lynne
  • "White Eagle" by Wiggo Johansen
  • "Basement Groove" by Kon Wilms


  • amfm02.dms - AM/FM Issue 2 (DiskMasher format) - 614KB