AMFM Diskmag 6

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AM/FM Magazine Disk #6


Cover Art? There wasn't enough room on the disk for one!
  • Tech Corner: The MED module format
  • Getting into the synthesizer world with a small budget
  • Letters to AM/FM
  • Latest news from Roland
  • The General Midi format explained and mapped
  • Chick Corea's Elektric Band live
  • Latest news from Korg
  • Complete Kraftwerk discograpy
  • How to convert MIDI music between Amiga sequencers
  • PD Music Disk reviews:
    • The Evil Forces: "Giga Mix"
    • Cyanide: "Now That's What I Call Ripped Music, Volume 2"
    • Idiosyncatris: "Big Time"
    • Anarchy: "Legalise It"


  • Proplay v2.0
    • Superb update of the best module-player, including a control panel, song information, timer modes etc. The thing that makes this player the best around is that it's the only one that's copletely system safe!
  • Yamaha DX100 Editor
    • Edit DX100 sounds with your Amiga, and store the sounds on Amiga disks!
  • Multi-ripper v2.9 C
    • The best ripper available - rips music from almost all available music-editors, can rip directly from disk etc. etc.
  • Casio CZ-101 / Casio CZ-1000 Storage system
    • Store sounds from this synth on your Amiga.

MIDI Music

  • "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" by Tears for Fears
  • "In Too Deep" by Genesis
  • "Eye In The Sky" by Alan Parson Project
  • "Windcoaliz" by Geir W. Kristoffersen

Amiga-only Music

  • "ChipChop 2" by Rainer A. Nilsen
  • "Souvereign Solemnity" by Anders Hamre
  • "Empty Spaces 2" by Bjørn A. Lynne
  • "EndTune" by Wiggo Johansen

Extra Goodies on the disk

  • More than 20 dynamite drum-patterns for Music-X!
  • New superb icons for your favourite music programs!
  • Roland D-110 Protocol for Music-X!
  • New sounds for your Roland D110!


  • amfm06.dms - AM/FM Issue 6 (DiskMasher format) - 659KB