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Ambrosia (A!A)


  • Access (code raytrace, 04/96-late97)
  • Cain (gfx raytrace, 12/95-late97)
  • Drac (Jan Knudsen, org swap pack, ex Limited Edition, doublememb Scalaris 06/96, doublememb Cosmic Woodheads early97, 12/95-late97)
  • Eliss-D (Martin Nielsen, gfx music, old handle Cyboman, ex Balance, 12/95-97)
  • Lucifer (codePC gfx, late96)
  • Raivo (code sysop, ex Black Jack, new late95-late96)
  • Raze (Thomas Petersen, org music swap, 12/95-late97)
  • Riis (gfx)
  • Shadow Walker (gfx, 12/95-late96)
  • Syntax (codeAM+PC, 04/96-late96)
  • Tricktrax (music, ex Tribe, later Puzzle, new late95)
  • Wax (music, new late96)
  • Zeek (code, 12/95-late96)
  • Anfobia (ascii swap, doublememb Massive, new 06/96)
  • Hawk (code, triplememb Giants [details] and Darkage ROM9)
  • Draw (ascii swap, doublememb Azkiness, new 06/96-late96)
  • Guma (ascii swap, late97)
  • Dr.Zulu (gfx, late97)
  • Karina (mascot, new 06/96)
  • Nook (gfx, new late97)
  • Spacebrain (music, new early97)

Group History

Ambrosia is a demo group based in denmark, and active on both the Amiga and pc platforms. They were organized by Raze and Drac, until Raze stopped organizing 06/96. Powdihacker then became the new second organizer, it seems - until he also left. Their mascot Karina is, obviously, female.
The recent smash hit doom clone game "Genetic Species" was made by the Danish Ambrosia members Powdihacker (code), Cain (gfx), Shadow Walker (gfx) and Trayzor (sound)! Other Ambrosia productions that I have only a minimum amount of information on are: "Psychopack #2 Packmenu" (intro), "Genetic Species" (aga hd demo - of the game, presumably?), "Miracle Chips #1" (aga intro) and "Scenemeeting Invitation" (aga intro).

Spiderwork, Mr.Salinas, The Crow, Kallestrup and Jolly Roger were all kicked late in the year. Sardonyx' "Seenpoint #2" [12/95] reported that Raze and Drac are the new organizers, that Jaxx left the group to become independent, that Cyboman/Balance joined, that Raivo/Black Jack joined and that Tricktrax joined from Tribe.
Artwork's "Generation #24" [04/97] reports that Spacebrain (music) joined, that Cyboman changed his handle to Eliss-D, that danish Powdihacker (org code, 12/95-) left for Puzzle, that danish Artphaze (gfx, new late96) left the group and probably the scene, that Drac joined Cosmic Woodheads as a doublemember, and finally that a pc section had been established.
  • Dutch swapper Coolio (new late96) changed his handle to Blunt and joined TRSI.
  • Musician Trayzor (12/95) left late 96.
  • Vaxx left to be independent late 95.


See Ambrosia/Reviews for personal reviews for these releases.

Freaks Don't Care (1995, 28.12, AGA 40k Intro)

  • code: Zeek
  • gfx: Cyboman, Cain
  • music: "Canellamips" by Trayzor
16th or 24th in The Party 5 40k intro competition.

Rynkeby Morgenmild (1995, 28.12, AGA 40k Intro)

  • code: Powdihacker
  • gfx: Cain (main), Shadow Walker (rynkeby logo)
  • music: Raze
16th or 24th in The Party 5 40k intro competition.

4K (1995, 28.12, 4k Intro)

  • code: Zeek
  • gfx: none
  • music: Trayzor
Contribution for The Party 5 4k intro compo.

Ard (1996, 05.04, AGA 4MB HD Multifile)

  • code: Syntax, Powdi
  • gfx: Cain, Cyboman, Access
  • music: Cyboman
Released at The Gathering 96, outside competition.

Riverhouse LSD Mix (1996, 06.07, AGA HD Demo)

2nd in the South Sealand Party 96 demo competition.

Extel (1997, 30.03, 4k Intro)

Winner of the Mekka Symposium 97 4k intro competition!