Apidya Soundtrack

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Apidya Soundtrack
Apidya Soundtrack album cover.
Studio album by Chris Hülsbeck, Pseudo D., Rudolf Stember and Ramiro Vaca
Year Published 1992
Genre Synth, Electronic, Game
Length 72:30
Producer A.U.D.I.O.S. Entertainment
Catalogue No. ACD2

Apidya Soundtrack was the second studio album released by Chris Hülsbeck.

Track Listing

  1. INTRODUCTION: Apidya Theme
  2. LEVEL 1: War At Meadow's Edge
  3. LEVEL 2: The Pond
  4. LEVEL 3: Sewer's Blast
  5. LEVEL 4: Techno Party (Ultraworld Mix)
    (Pseudo D.)
  6. LEVEL 5: Boss Panic
    (Rudolf Stember)
  7. CREDITS: Credits (Credits Mix)
  8. HISCORE: Game Over
  9. DEVOTION: Crazy Lover
    (Chris Hülsbeck & Pseudo D.)
  10. POINT ONE: Trip Like That (The Nite The Girls Freaked Out)
  11. OVERDUB: Freedom Is Indivisible (Global Cut)
    (Pseudo D.)
  12. 3RD DIMENSION: Breakout (Kryptonite Mix)
    (Pseudo D.)
  13. MERLAND: Theme From Merland
    (Ramiro Vaca)
  14. DAS SCHWARZE AUGE: Blade Of Fate
    (Rudolf Stember)

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