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Rudolf Stember
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Music in the UnExoticA collection


Game Comments Year Team / Publisher
B.C. Kid 1992 Hudson Soft, Factor 5, Red / Ubi Soft
Blade of Destiny - Realms of Arkania 1993 Attic / U.S. Gold
The Curse of Ra 1990 Cyberstyle / Rainbow Arts
Logical 1991 Rainbow Arts / Rainbow Arts
Mad TV 1991 Rainbow Arts / Rainbow Arts
Metal Law Ingame and Loader 1992 New Bits On The RAM / New Bits On The RAM
The Secret of Monkey Island 1990 Lucasfilm Games / Lucasfilm Games
Mr. Nutz - Hoppin' Mad 1994 Neon / Ocean
The Oath 1991 Attic / Attic
On the Ball - World Cup Edition 1994 Ascon Software / Ascon Software
Orbit 1987 Cyberstyle / Double Density
The Patrician 1992 Triptychon / Ascon
Software Manager 1993 Kaiko / Kaiko
Ugh! 1992 Ego Software / Play Byte
Z-Out 1990 Advantec / Rainbow Arts


Demo Comments Year Group / Party
No Rudolf Stember demo music in the archive
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