Axis (old)

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Axis [old] (-1992)


  • Danny (gfx, later TBL, 04/92)
  • Fresh (gfx, old handle Roxis)

Group History

The original incarnation of Axis was once the best group on the Dutch scene, until it fell apart. They received a reorganization in late 91, but it wasn't enough to save the group and it died in early to late 1992. Most members formed a new group called Freestyle. Two years later, Axis was reborn.

Dartagnan changed his handle to Mop and joined Coma mid 91. Ofcourse, Mop would rise to the top of the diskmag pile - first with "McDisk" in Coma and later Alcatraz, then with one issue of "Compass" for Alcatraz, before taking on the helm of today's best magazine; Essence's "R.O.M". Dutchmen Claxon, Steroid and Magician Lord joined Desire at the Prime 91 [12/91] party, but only stayed for a few hours. Claxon and Steroid rejoined Axis, while Magician Lord opted to stay independent. Later, after Axis died, they all joined the new group Freestyle!
Liberator left Axis, and probably the scene due to lack of time early92. However, he was back in the reborn Axis two years later! Dutch swapper Kr'33 (ex Sanctuary) joined Sanity with his famous pack 'Femur Bundle' 09/92. When Axis finally died, coder Crackerjack (ex Vision, 07/91) joined Mirage, and the rest of the old members formed a new group called Freestyle.

Mace was kicked out.

King Dragon, Xotic, Double Dutch and Antibody got kicked.


Our Nation (1991, ECS File)

  • code: Crackerjack
  • gfx: Roxis
  • music: Rip-It/R.A.F.
Released at the Royal Party 91.
GLE tested A500 /000-7 /½mb chip, ½mb fast/2.04.

Unknown Territory (1991, 07.12, ECS Trackmo)

  • code: Crackerjack
  • gfx: Fresh
  • music: "Serial Killer" by Jayce/Jetset
Winner of the Prime 91 demo competition!