Alcatraz Entertainment Software

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Alcatraz Entertainment Software (ATZ, 1988-)


Baumax (code, old handle Filou, -notmembanymore-, new 09/92)
Cortez (code, ex Setrox, new 05/90)
Daniel (ex Trilogy, new mid90)
Greg (Gregoire Dini, music, 01/90-93)
Hardrider (ex Trilogy, new mid90)
PGCS (leader gfx, 12/88-09/94)

Iluvatar (gfx, 06/92-08/93)

Pigment (Miguel Marn, gfx, 93-01/98)
Poseidon (Andreas Oberdorfer, code, 12/95)
Quedex (Christopher Dissauer, code, 09/92-12/95)
4T Thieves (org music, ex Cytax, new late92-93)
Daddy Freddy (music swap, ex Anthrox, -notmembanymore-)
HoMiCide (Marco, org music, ex Dual Crew, aka HMC, new 03/93)
RSK (gfx)
Sigma (code, ex The Silents, new late92-93)
Mr.Last (music, 12/88)
Teo (gfx, 93)
Cybersonik (editor "McDisk", ex Anarchy, new 09/92-93)
Zoonie (sysop 'HOUSE OF GAMES', ex Palace, new late92)

Diskbuster (ex Apology, 01-03/90)

Brain Dead (sysop 'FORBIDDEN CITY', 04/90)
Airbrush (Jim, ex Acme)
Bitmaster (01/90), Broterhs (01/90)
Burgame (music, -notmembanymore-, 91)
Calypso (code, ex Legend)
Dan (gfx, 04/90)
Devils (01/90)
Insider (gfx, 09/88)
Ironhawk (gfx, 09-12/88)
Jackie D. (ex Coma)
Jawbreaker (-notmembanymore-, new pre 07/92)
Magnetix (01/90)
Megadeth (ex Core Productions)
Mission (code, ex Coma, 09/92)
New Generation (01/90)
Nifty Nit (code gfx, 01-04/90)
Triad (train, 01/90)
Trigon (ex LSD)
Zodiac (swi? code, 12/88)
Zoltar (music, ex Asphyxia, new early92-09/94)

Group History

Alcatraz was formed in 1988 by Metalwar (code music), Helix (gfx) and PGCS (gfx) from the more strangely named Motley Crue Team [no entry]. The first two have since decided to leave both the group and the scene, leaving PGCS as the head of the group. Their biggest success must surely have been the "Odyssey" (12/91) demo, which won the demo competition at the first The Party! The reason for its success is probably the fact that it was something new and unique. The debate over whether it should have beaten the runner-up, "Hardwired" by The Silents and Crionics, raged for months... They were at one time in a 'trainer coop' with Setrox.
When most of the Coma members joined, they got the diskmag "McDisk" as an added bonus. When they stopped doing that, however, a new mag was planned. This mag was given the name "Compass", and editors were Disney and ex-McDisk editor Mop. The mag got great reviews, but after just one released issue Mop left for Essence to be maineditor of "R.O.M" and Disney left for Sanity to be maineditor on their new mag, which never happened.
These days, Alcatraz Entertainment Software still exist, but only as a gamemaking firm, and it's unlikely that any new demos will ever appear.
The remaining members are Quedex, Poseidon, Pigment and Brainbug. I have seen a short playable demo of a 3D Doom clone type game called IQ, and it was probably one of the smoothest and bestlooking true 3D engines I've ever seen; it flows beautifully, and almost reminds me of Duke Nukem 3D!
Also, check out Hornet's action replay-like utility HRTMon on Aminet!

Swiss trader Moses (who had joined from Setrox 05/90) had a very brief stay in the group, and by 08/90 he was no longer a member.
Famous french musician Moby (ex Dragons, 01/90) joined Dreamdealers around the middle of the year, after releasing the music disk "More Than Music" [04/91] in april.
In the early months of the year, Control, Mad Butcher, Head, Jackie D., Mission, Tom Copper, Mop, Nick O'Teen and Aahz joined when Coma died.
Status Quo, Copcom, Nick O'Teen (ex Coma) and Aahz (ex Coma) all got kicked from the group in september. Jaby joined Absolute! late in the year. Finnish graphician Dwel (ex Gator/Stellar) joined around october. Micro-Pal's board 'THE WHITE HOUSE' was opened around october. Swiss graphician Fox (04/91-) left for Grace around october.
Germans Orbit and HMC joined from Dual Crew in march. Their Finnish section died after graphician Dwel left to join Desire, and Razer (code, ex Addonic) joined Stellar in october. Goozer (ex Disknet) didn't want to be alone, and closed the section by joining Chryseis, also in october.
Editor Mop (ex Coma, new early92) was not content with how things were going after the first issue of "Compass", and decided to join Essence in february to edit his own magazine for them, "R.O.M".
Norwegian musician Brainbug (06/92-94) joined Talent early 95. He made the music for a.o. the "Museum" [92] slideshow while he was in Alcatraz. He's still working for the games by Alcatraz Entertainment Software, it seems, since he was shown as a member of the games team 01/98.
The Sad news this year was that Hornet (Alain Malek, code, ex Avenger, 01/90-) died of a heart attack. RIP.
  • German swapper Sting left to form Bonzai Brothers, but later decided to join Abyss instead. There are LOTS of conflicting information out there about this, but I believe what I've given above now is the correct portrayal of what happened. When he lost control over Alcatraz, he left to form his own group called Bonzai Brothers, and all the German ex Alcatraz members joined!
  • Austrian coder, previous WHQ and coeditor of the now defunt mag "Compass", Disney (06/92-93), joined Sanity to be editor of their new diskmag. That project never came to fruition, and Disney was consequently kicked. His further destiny is unknown.
  • Swedes Parsec (sysop 'MIDNIGHT EXPRESS', 09/93), La Fayette and Thunor were kicked. La Fayette is a female, who worked as cosysop on Parsec's board.
  • Birdie (ex Yodel) was kicked.
  • Shade (ex The Silents?/Analog?) joined Scoopex.
  • Colorbird and Schizo joined from Circle in Sweden, but soon moved on to form Illusion.
  • Two Germans were kicked; swapper Head and coder Mad Butcher (both ex Coma, 09/92-02/93). Head joined Mirage, but it's unclear what happened to Mad Butcher, coder of the 'McDisk' diskmag.
  • The Germans Link, Dynac, Speedbit (new 03/93), EC-Rider (music, 08/93), and Seat were NEVER official Alcatraz members. They were simply let in by the other German guys and not by the whole group.
  • Both the German and Swedish divisions were kicked out. The German duo Control (ex Coma, 09/92-08/93) and coder Orbit (ex Dual Crew, new 03/93-08/93) joined TRSI, the rest of the Germans formed a new crew called Fresh. Raw Style (ex DCS), Stearo and Nose (both ex Paradise) joined in Germany, but when that division fell apart they all left to join Jetset (new). Swedes Lizardking (music, ex Strange, new late92-03/93) and Tony (gfx, ex Voice, new late92-93) joined The Silents.
  • Blacky (ex Legend) tried to join, but was refused. As a result, Style (ex-WHQ, ex Legend) left 03/93 to start a two-man crew with Blacky. For additional information, see Style & Blacky's entry.
  • Graphician Tom Copper (ex Coma, 91) joined Animators.
  • The germans Bros (code, 12/92-93), Master and Nightlight quickly rejoined Scoopex. Bros coded the demo "Crunch-O-Matic" [12/92] while in Alcatraz.
  • Norwegian coder, organizer and swapper Micro-Pal (editor of "Peanuts" packmag, 06/92) joined Banana Dezign. His board 'THE WHITE HOUSE' was busted while he was a member of ATZ, but was later reopened in BDZ.
  • French graphician Alex (old handle Aldyss, 09/92), who released some pictures in the slideshow 'MUSEUM', left to join The Silents. Still, he made two logos for the "60k Intro" (03/93), so they're obviously still on good terms...
  • Coder Skyman (swi? fra? 01/90) joined Shining. He is the author of "Seven Colors" (Infogrames) and all design and music by GFX-MOVIES (late91). He also coded the "Cartoons Demo".
  • Kid Icarus (ex Babygang [no entry], new 03/90) is now Daryl/TRSI (late 91). He originally joined as editor of the scene papermag 'B.A.D'.
  • Norwegian sysop It ('CONTACT ZERO', ex Razor 1911) didn't stay too long before moving on to Nemesis (pre 07/92).


See Alcatraz Entertainment Software/Reviews for personal reviews for these releases.

Motley Crue Team is now Alcatraz (1988, ECS File)

  • code: Metalwar
  • gfx: Helix
  • music: "Metalwar4" by Metalwar (The Jungle SoundTracker 2 format :-)
ATZ' first demo, created by its two founders!

Megademo (1988, ECS Megademo)

  • code: Metalwar, Zodiac
  • gfx: PGCS, Ironhawk
  • music: Mr.Last
Some of the parts are "Sine Logo" (metalwar&pgcs/ironhawk/"reflex.m.last" (st15) by mr.last), "The Blitter Shock Demo" (zodiac/"the art of fashion" by ?) and "New Members.Bob" (metalwar/"muzak" by Metalwar).

Copy Party Invitation (1988, .03, ECS File)

  • code: Metalwar, Hardrider/Supervisors
  • gfx: Rastan
  • music: SLL (The Jungle SoundTracker 2 format! :-)
Cooperation with Supervisors.
Invitation to a copy party to be held 28-29.05/88.

We Are First (1988, .06, ECS File)

  • code/gfx: Metalwar
  • music: "Muzak" by Metalwar (SoundTracker 15inst format)
Specified as being released 'some month before AlcatrzaMeeting 7-9 July 1988'.

New Stuff (1988, end.09, ECS Intro)

  • code: Metalwar
  • gfx: Insider, Ironhawk
  • music: "Metalwar10" by Metalwar (Sound Tracker 15inst format)

The Skyline Intro (1988, ECS File)

Coop with The Softkiller Crew (TSK), see there for details.

Geneva Party Demo (1988, .12, ECS File)

  • code: Metalwar
  • gfx: PGCS
  • music: "Muzak" by Metalwar (SoundTracker 15inst format)
Released at the Alcatraz Copy Party 88.

Megademo II (1988, .12, ECS Multifile)

  • code: Metalwar, Elm, Darkblitter, TDK, TIN
  • gfx: Ironhawk, PGCS, Metalwar
  • music: "Muzak" by Metalwar, Fred, Elm
Released at the Alcatraz Copy Party 88, though Zeg's encyclopedia claims it was released in February of 89?
The demo experiences some minor problems under 2.0+

Megademo 3 (ECS Demo)

  • code: n/a
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: Iron Cat, Metalwar, Moonraker

Pentcost Party Invitation (1990, .04, ECS File)

  • code: Nifty Nit
  • gfx: Nifty Nit, Dan
  • music: "At" by Greg

Megademo IV: Devil's Key (1990, 03.06, ECS Trackmo, 3 disks)

  • code: n/a
  • gfx: PGCS
  • music: Moonraker
Winner of the Alcatraz Pentcoast Party 90 demo competition!
Does not work on A1200.

Magpack Preview 91 (1991, ECS File)

Members (1991, ECS File)

  • code: Orbit/Gothic
  • gfx: Tom Copper, Anex/Rebels
  • music: "Last Adventure" by Lizardking

I've Got The Power (1991, ECS Trackloaded Musicdisk)

  • code: Hornet
  • gfx: PGCS, Fox (logo)
  • music: Burgame, Greg (intro)
Caches off, trackloader hates it :-)

More Than Music (1991, .04, ECS Trackloaded Musicdisk)

  • code: Hornet
  • gfx: PGCS, Fox
  • music: Moby
This musicdisk consists of just one BIG module by Moby.
Unfortunately it won't work on my system, so I can give no further information, sorry! [glenn]
GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.
Crashes, caches off does not help.

Odyssey (1991, 28.12, ECS Trackmo, 5 disks)

  • code: Hornet
  • gfx: PGCS
  • music: Greg
Winner of The Party 91 demo competition!
Apparently there is a secret part. You must watch it to the end, wait for the endscroller to finish, then type 'PRECALCULATE'. HD installable with patch.

Small Intro (1992?, ECS Intro)

  • code: Orbit/Dual Crew
  • gfx: Iluvatar
  • music: n/a
this might be identical to the 'Hackfressen Tony Ist Wieder Da' crackintro (intro).

Museum (1992, early, ECS Trackloaded Slideshow)

  • code: Quedex
  • gfx: Iluvatar, PGCS, Alex, Fox (uncredited opening logo)
  • music: Brainbug

McDisk issue #4 (1992, ECS Diskmag)

Peanuts issue #2 (1992, .06, ECS PackMag)

  • code: Disney, Micro-Pal
  • gfx: Iluvatar
  • music: Brainbug

Peanuts issue #3 (1992, .07, ECS PackMag)

  • code: Disney
  • gfx: Iluvatar, Disney
  • music: "AvecDesPeches" by Brainbug

McDisk issue #5 (1992, .09, ECS Diskmag)

INT Credits
  • code: Quedex
  • gfx: Iluvatar
  • music: Lizardking
MAG Credits
  • code: Mad Butcher, Mission
  • gfx: Iluvatar, Alex, Doolittle/Interactive
  • music: Lizardking, editors: Mad Butcher, Head, Cybersonik, Control, Mop
After the release of issue #5, main editor Mad Butcher left the responsibily of editor over to Cybersonik in january of 1993, for issue #6. This issue was never released, and the mag eventually died. Most of the team behind McDisk would reemerge for a new diskmag project for Alcatraz in 1994, "Compass".

Crunch-o-Matic (1992, 28.12, ECS 40k Intro)

  • code: Bros
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: "Physical.Compo" by Lizardking
18th in The Party 92 40k intro competition.

Memorial Songs (1993, early, ECS Musicdisk, 2 disks)

  • code: Calypso/Mauve, Colorbird/Scoopex
  • gfx: Tony, Duel
  • music: Lizardking
"Memorial Songs 2" (95) was released by Razor 1911.

Stop Fascism (1993, .02, 2MB File)

  • code: Mad Butcher
  • gfx: Doolittle/Interactive
  • music: Lizardking

60k Intro (1993, 27.03, ECS Intro)

Winner of the CeBIT 93 intro competition!
Needs KillAGA.

The Samurai (1993, 02.08, ECS 45k Intro)

  • code: Orbit
  • gfx: Iluvatar, Control (animfix)
  • music: "2control" by EC-Rider
3rd in the 680xx Convention 1993 demo competition.
KillAGA helps, but

Ilyad (1994, 07.08, AGA 4MB Multifile, 4 disks)

Cooperation with Asphyxia Design.
4th in the Assembly 94 demo competition.

Compass #1 (1994, early, ECS Diskmag)

Compass (or the COMputer Article Spreading Site) was a fresh start by mostly the same people that worked on McDisk. Alcatraz released a text file (published in Scoopex' packmag 'Nevermind' #48) to announce the imminent release of Compass, "early 1994". Unfortunately, it only survived for a single issue before most of the team behind it left the group for new, better things.

Cyberlogik (1995, 28.12, AGA 020-28+ 4MB HD File)

  • code: Poseidon and Quedex
  • gfx: A-Tom, Lazur, 2Sign, Bridgeclaw, GS, Viola Bros., Pigment, Lukas A.
  • music: Archangel, Nightshade/Crusaders
Cooperation with TRSI and TRSI Recordz.
Split 7th in The Party 95 demo competition.


  • PRIME TIME (usa, ex The Silents, new late 92)
  • HACKERBASE (swi)
  • LINE TO HEAVEN (swi, 09/90)