Nemesis (old)

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Nemesis [old] (-1992)

ENG> Infiltrator (founder), Megadrive (sysop 'LIVING HELL', 03/92),
     N.O.M.A.D (founder crack, 02/92), Rotox (ex Ghost).
GER> Mr.Rox (trade sysop 'SCHIZOPHRENIA', 92).
SWE> Hoson (swap, early92).
ITA> Tom Cat (sysop 'DARK DATA SECURITY').
NOR> IT (sysop 'CONTACT ZERO', ex Alcatraz, new pre 07/92).
CAN> Devious Doze (sysop 'AKIRA PROJECT', 07/92).
USA> Loverboy (sysop 'INVOLUNTARY DEATH' distsite), Mr.Yuk! (sysop 'D'YER
     M'KER'), Reet-Mon (sysop 'CENTRUM' distsite, fullmemb?), Wolverine
???> Amok (trade, 92), Nocternal, Scorpio, TIC (founder crack), XTC (92).

Nemesis was a purely illegal group, formed by Action Man, N.O.M.A.D,
Infiltrator, Zelnik, The Surge and TIC all from Quartex. When they died,
most members formed a new group called Ministry (Action Man, Zelnik...)
together with members of Crack Inc and Thrill Kill Kult. Nemesis was later
reformed by their cracker The Surge in 1992.
  One of the original founders, UK resident Zelnik stopped all activity
early 92.

Eddie and Ice joined Accession.
German trader Pioneer was busted 04/92 for blueboxing!
Contact Zero (sysop 'VIRTUAL REALITY') joined Angels new.
Badcat joined the new Angels.
Skywalker (ex Model) joined Scoopex.
French Connection joined Crack Inc.
Professor joined Fusion early 92.
Englishman Cosy left the scene early 92.